Titanfall Collector's Edition revealed. Start saving.

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In addition to the standard edition of the game, the Titanfall: Collector's Edition (SRP $249.99), will include an exclusive collectible 18” hand-crafted titan statue with diorama and battery-powered LED lighting, a full-size art book featuring more than 190 pages of rare concept art, and an exclusive full-size schematic poster of the Atlas titan.

Collector’s Edition Includes:

Exclusive collectible 18” Titan statue, handcrafted from over 300 individual parts and featuring battery-powered LED lighting

Full-size, hardcover art book featuring over 190 pages of rare concept art

Exclusive full-size schematic poster of the Atlas Titan

Titanfall Game – Introducing the experience that combines fast-paced multiplayer action with dramatic, cinematic moments lets you enjoy the fiction of the universe without having to leave your favorite game mode

Collector’s Edition FAQ

What is included with the Collector’s Edition?

An exclusive, individually numbered 18'' titan statue, handcrafted and assembled with over 300 individual parts and battery-powered LED lighting. Also included is a full-size, hard cover art book featuring over 190 pages of rare concept art, an exclusive schematic poster of the Atlas titan, and a copy of the Titanfall game.

Where can I buy a copy of the Collector’s Edition?

At participating retailers. Please see www.titanfall.com/buy for a list of retailers.

Is the Collector’s Edition available for all formats?

The Titanfall Collector’s Edition will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC in very limited quantities.

Can I upgrade my standard Edition pre-order to the Collector’s Edition?

Depending on the retailer you pre-ordered Titanfall standard edition from, you might be able to upgrade your current pre-order to the Collector’s Edition. Please contact your retailer for more information.

Will the Collector’s Edition include Titanfall DLC content?

The Titanfall Collector’s Edition will not include DLC content. If DLC content is offered for Titanfall, it will be offered separately.

Will the Collector’s Edition also include the Pre-order incentives?

Select retailers will offer a pre-order incentive. Please see www.titanfall.com/buy to check if your preferred retailer is offering a pre-order incentive.

Can I pick up my Collector’s Edition at midnight release events?

You will need to verify if your retailer of choice is offering the option for in store pickup and if they will offer a midnight release.

What are the full dimensions of the 18” hand-crafted titan statue?

The Titan statue is 18’’ tall with a 16” x 16” base.

How many pages will the Collector’s Edition art book include?

The Titanfall Collector’s Edition art book will include 192, full color pages.

What size are the pages within the Collector’s Edition art book?

The Titanfall Collector’s Edition art book will have 9" x 11.85" pages.


So who's about to pay that CE tax? I know someone here will, right?

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Been preordered for a month now son!

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Thats a pretty sick statue but Im over collectors editions of games unless its something really crazy and cool.

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Looks like the Wii U found suitable competition.

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$249.99 and the only thing that interests me is a toy? Yeah thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with the standard edition thank you very much.

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sorry i'll just buy the x360 standard version like most people will

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Thought about it but nah...

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Titanfall 360 version INCOMING!

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How much is the statue without all the other shit?...

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No DLC with that $240 price tag? Fuck that. I'll be buying the Clans instead.

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ya that was showed off long time ago

These collectors are getting way out of control and you gamers are only ones to blame....

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Are you kidding me?

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A regular copy will do just fine.

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lol at that amount.. for a new IP no less.

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@killerfist said:

lol at that amount.. for a new IP no less.

And no extra content.

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this game will look great on my pc

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$250? Aint nobody buying that.

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@clyde46 said:

@killerfist said:

lol at that amount.. for a new IP no less.

And no extra content.

You would really have to have some screws loose to buy this crap.

Where did the time go when you'd pay no more than 20 for a CE with figurine?

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WTF?!?! Am I getting this right? A full size titan poster? Where on earth would you put that? The side of your house?

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I wish it was a huge controller like steel battalion had.

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@mrxboxone: this.

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$250! The what?

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I wonder if they will be on discount a few months later like skyrims dragon statue Collectors editions

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Where's the PS4 edition?

Oh yeah, that's right, there is NONE. LOL!!

But who need games for PS4, right? All we need is "Just wait" and "teh GDDR5".

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Way too expensive, but collectors mostly don't care about the price. I'll wait for the reviews.

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LOL Collector's Edition for an unproven product.

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Unless that thing is metal and limited and numbered no thanks.

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Wonder how many brahs will fall for this?

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I hope its detailed as they say it is.
Gonna be one awesome game.

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I'll just wait for this collectors edition to hit the bargain buckets like they mostly do. I'll be willing to pay like £30-40.

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Hah, what kinda sucker would actually waste $250 on a $60 product?

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@jer_1 said:

Hah, what kinda sucker would actually waste $250 on a $60 product?

For collectors it's not a waste. That's why there is a $60 edition and collector's $250 edition.

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Expected to drop half the amount of money required to play it on a next generation console? I don't doubt enough insane people will do that.

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Yeah, maybe if I was 10 years old that might interest me. Of course, my parents wouldn't have bought that shit for me.

I wouldn't even pay an extra $10 for an action figure.

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Jesus Christ! $250!???

Don't get me wrong, it's a damn cool statue, but if this is how much the new gen collectors editions are going to cost then F**k that. I'll buy normal editions from here on.

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No DLC included?