Thoughts on Next Gen?

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Hey all,

Getting straight on it with my first post... What's everyone's thoughts on Next Gen?

Having been out for a few weeks now I figured everyone had gotten to grips with both consoles?? So yeah..

Thoughts please !

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I've not played any of the 3 systems. I'll try out the PS4 at the end of the month or early January.

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Hey all,

Getting straight on it with my first post... What's everyone's thoughts on Next Gen?

Having been out for a few weeks now I figured everyone had gotten to grips with both consoles?? So yeah..

Thoughts please !

have u tried the new consoles mate.

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Nothing to play~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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@sukraj: been researching both cause I bought the ps3 and was dissapointed.. Didn't wanna make the same mistake haha

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Hey all,

Getting straight on it with my first post... What's everyone's thoughts on Next Gen?

Having been out for a few weeks now I figured everyone had gotten to grips with both consoles?? So yeah..

Thoughts please !

Stop calling it Next Gen! It is current Gen and the PS3 and 360 are last Gen!!

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Xbox One is good fun, out of the games I have I'm very much enjoying playing the new FIFA and Forza 5. CoD Ghosts is fun but the series is becoming a bit stale now. Sadly I was very disappointed with Ryse, as it is all style and no substance, I'm going to sell it and get Dead Rising 3 in it's place. I haven't really used any of the non-gaming features yet, as I haven't felt the need to!

As for PS4 I wasn't going to get one, but I think if good exclusive games are released for it then my mind could easily be changed in the future!

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If NBA 2k14's new patch is any indication, we could be in for a rude awakening.

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@I-AM-N00B: see.. I've thought that CoD's been stale since warfare 3.. Hopefully Titanfall will spice things up .. Looking forward to The Order.

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From what I played of the Wii U, I'm pleased.

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My thoughts on the current gen of consoles are.....

PS4...The PS4 is the most powerful of the three consoles and everyone knows it. People can bag on the launch line up all they want, but history shows that Sony and its massive stable of in house devs support their consoles for the life of the system. When you compare franchises, the PS4 has the upperhand by a long shot. In the next few months, the PS4 will have games like Infamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Drive Club and MLB The Show 2014. Then, you have to figure that at some point in the next few years we will see Uncharted 4, a new God of War, Gran Turismo 7, a new Ratchet and Clank, something from Media Molecule, something from Quantic Dreams and more. Add to that the DS4 is an incredible controller, the PS4's UI is sleek and simple. it has the right price point at $399 and PSN is only going to get better and better. This Gen is Sony's to lose!

Xbox One...As a former hardcore XBOX supporter, I have to say that MS in my mind has forgotten the basics and is more concerned with overtaking everyone's livingrooms with an all in one device and not so concerned with making a great gaming console. We have all read about the issues with the Kinect 2.0 sensor having difficulties with the language barriers and voice inflections of different cultures. We have all heard about the MASSIVE install times the X1 has when you first put in a new game. From what I have heard, the new controller is a shadow of the amazing one the 360 had and the UI is a cluttered, broken mess. I simply think it all speaks volumes to the fact that MS has lost its way in the videogame industry and they will pay dearly for it in market share as time goes on.

The XBOX ONE in my mind is in trouble on the software front as well. Halo is a dead franchise and is in the hands of a second rate developer who couldn't spell Bungie if you spotted them the B and the ungie! Forza like all racing franchises is a niche title and is not a game the masses will buy. Ryse turned out to be all style and no substance. But that is not saying the sequel wont be better, the problem is that Crytek is not a MS exclusive dev and in all likelihood, Ryse 2 will be multiplat. The DR franchise is also not exclusive to MS and if there were a DR4, I am again betting it will be on PS4 as well. Now, the XBOX ONE does have some potentially big exclusives coming in the form of Titanfall, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive, but we have to wait and see on those. Take all this in account and throw in a PS3-esque $499 price point and you have all of the makings of a console that is going to struggle unless MS can secure some bigtime, permanent exclusives and drop the price to meet the PS4.

WiiU...I happen to think that Nintendo has a decent console on their hands and will be a great secondary console for PS4/X1/PC owners. Nintendo has some great franchises to work with in the likes of Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Metroid, F-Zero and others. I think the hurdles that Nintendo have to overcome to be a viable choice are....

1. drop the price point another $100

2. make better use of the Gamepad

3. get games out faster in regards to their big franchises. Don't forget about franchises like Wonderful 101, ZombiU and the like! Build on those.

4. secure 1 or 2 bigtime exclusives

5. get their online infrastructure to be a more competitive option when going up against PSN and XBL.

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PS4 is awesome, Xbone should be(I've only played DR3 and the WiiU wont keep much play time.

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The PS4 is very fast & the games install in about 3 mins which make the games run very well. The graphics are top notch in detail and resolution. Many new features with playing online & joining other gamers. Many social features for joining party gaming, online interactions with other gamers.

The controllers are way better to use than the DS3 other than the battery doesn't stay charged as long. Any standard headset cable can be plugged into the controller and used. I use my Sony headset that I had for listening to music on other things.

No theme support yet for it which I really want badly. No way to play your own music put on to it from a USB. Sony is pushing their Music Unlimited service on it. Not many games out yet for it, but there's hardly any for the X1 either. PSN+ is good and gives some good free games like Resogun, DC Online etc.

The UI of the PS4 is slick & fast to navigate also. The games are front and center experience on the PS4. Everything else is on the back burners. Multiple games can be downloaded at once & download faster than on PS3.

If you are wanting to play a lot of games now you'll be disappointed, otherwise it's a great console to have.

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Out of the three, I've only played my PS4. I have yet to find a working WiiU kiosk and can't find a playable X1 kiosk.

I'm loving my PS4. The controller redesign is great. I use the share button far more than I thought I would. The touch pad works great with the games that use ot that I've played (The Playroom and Killzone). I find that the games make far better use of the controller's speaker than the Wii did.

The UI on the system is both fast and pretty slick. It's easy to navigate and I like that it doesn't take forever to load my friends list like it did last gen.

The games are good with many anticipated titles in the pipe. I have 5 retail games and 5 free PSN games. 10 games in a month is massive and I'm playing catch up. I just beat the Killzone campaign and find it to be really good. I'm currently in the middle of AC4.

I'm finding other new features like voice commands to be fun. Being a Trekkie, I love being able to talk to my system and tell it what to do. I don't like Microsoft as a corporation or what they've done to the industry for the most part, but I'll give them kudos for adding voice commands into the fray.

I'm really enjoying my next gen experience.

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Bad place to ask, everyone is a cow or lemming.

I have an X1 and just got into dead rising 3 and its nothing but fun and I'm sorry I think it looks really good and the sheer amount of zombies on screen is amazing.

Ryse is gorgeous but gets repetitive but the campaign was really good

BF4 is fun but dice dropped the ball with their crappy servers

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Xbox One Day 1 owner here.

I purchased Ryse and have bee playing the hell out of it, especially the multiplayer. Very surprising how good the game was to me and to everyone I showed it too. True next gen visuals but also its just fun. Great atmosphere. CoD is fun in parts, some online and the last 5 levels of the SP. KI is killer, pun intended, but I want more characters now. Forza is simply brilliant.

The controller has rumble triggers which I like, but I want the old left and right buttons back. The new ones are alright but not great. Overall though the controller is a real winner.

Voice commands require you to do a precise install of Kinect, but once you do I can honestly say I nail all commands 85 to 90% of the time and it is a feature I use every day and now will not do without. The ease of navigation, ability to quick switch and snap a program work very well. In all the OS is a work in progress but miles away from the rumor mills before launch that it would take months to fix. Party chat needs work pronto, as well as being able to check system storage. But all in all I am very pleased with the OS. Watching netflix from the couch with voice commands only, and then when the wife goes off going right back into gaming is as next gen to me as 1080p. Snapping fantasy football app while playing Forza is bliss. OS needs more apps, and a number of little things fixed. But Im a big fan of it thus far.

Skype works really well. As does game recording and Upload Studio where you can add your own dialogue to game clips. Love that.

Facial login, vocal system turn on and off are all pluses.

Game wise in 2014 the Xbox One just looks killer. Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, end of Season 1 and Season 2 of Killer Instinct, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, and Halo 5 book ending the year makes for a great gaming lineup.

All in all I am very pleased with my purchase, and even surprised I like Ryse as much as I do and that voice commands work as well as they do. Graphics wise the games hold up very well and they are only launch games. All in all I honestly give the Xbox One a A- thus far. I expected that OS to be a colossal mess and voice commands to suck and Ryse to be hot garbage. For me though none of those things came to pass.

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Not concerned with the games situation. This par the course if you've been gaming a long time. I'm more upset by the lack of features found in the last gen systems. It's like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. So I'm waiting to see either one of these machines become more fleshed out.