Thoughts on Dishonored?

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#1 Posted by Kloney (659 posts) -

Looked it up and it's got a great score. But what's your opinion on it? Worth €30?

I might get it in anticipation for Thief ;)

#2 Posted by Sushiglutton (5194 posts) -

Backlogged it when I realized you were punished for playing a panther style. Will get back to it and play thorugh at some point though.

#3 Edited by Boddicker (2394 posts) -

1) I played the GOTY edition.

2) I got all the good endings by taking a non-lethal approach.

3) I think the setting has ALOT of potential. Especially the Pandyssian continent (literally 95%+ of the known world).

4) It's still sitting on my desk waiting for another playthrough. Thing is, I don't think I want to. IDK why. The game was beautiful and the setting was really great..........just something I can't put my finger on.

I'll definitely be buying Dishonored 2 day 1.

#4 Posted by freedomfreak (38685 posts) -

Had to really force myself through it. I only enjoyed that one mission at the party.

#5 Posted by Ripsaw1994 (94 posts) -

With the hardcore mod it's a game of the gen contender. Splinter Cell and MGS are kinda dead in terms of good stealth gameplay and going the theif approach made it a pretty perfect game in my book.

#6 Posted by lostrib (33031 posts) -

Still have to beat it

#7 Edited by hrt_rulz01 (5639 posts) -

I really enjoyed it... There were parts where it got a little boring, but overall it's definitely worth a purchase.

#8 Posted by way2funny (4569 posts) -

Its a great homage to Thief while doing a lot of unique things on its own. Its not the longest game but I enjoyed it and the Daud DLC. Its the game that has left the biggest impression on me recently other than the STALKER series.

#9 Posted by blackace (19996 posts) -

Still have to play it. I know it's good though. For some reason I started playing Rockstar's Bully. I got it very cheap as a DD and just started playing it and couldn't stop. F****** game!! When I finally stopped it was like 2am in the morning. Anyone else get pulled into a game and lose all track of time?

#10 Edited by mems_1224 (46182 posts) -

Great game, lots of ways to get through levels and complete objectives. Reminded me of Deus Ex

#11 Edited by uninspiredcup (7542 posts) -

Intelligent game designed for men.

#12 Edited by jg4xchamp (46997 posts) -

Really good if you play it with using stealth to kill people. Pure stealth in that game was too fucking easy, as your powers were OP for that. Otherwise game felt great, controlled very well, powers were fun to use, most missions had multiple solutions that were satisfying for the most part, and the worst thing the game really does on a gameplay level is make you too strong.

A lot of people don't like the universe in that game, because of it's predictable nature. Which to be fair is completely true, but at the same time, meh it's a videogame narrative. So shittyness is expected. Otherwise very good game, will gladly pay for a sequel.

But I want a game that for once makes all of its elements actually fun to play. Because both this and human revolution love the "play it the way you want" shit, and neither of them is actual fun to play if you don't play it a specific way. Going guns blazing in HR sucks because the game feels awkward for that, nevermind that pure stealth gets compromised because of some of the bosses. And this game made it way too easy to do pure stealth, and sneaking around isn't fun when you can get away with aggressive moves with almost no impunity.

#13 Edited by Motokid6 (5109 posts) -

ive yet to beat it.. idk why im on the very last level. I just lost interest. Started playing other games. Never came back to it.. yet.

I think it was Kerbal Space Program.. i started playing that and back logged ALL my games along with Dishonred. Games like crack and i am addicted.

#14 Posted by R4gn4r0k (16249 posts) -

It's amazing. It's one of the best games of last gen for me and it got me interested in stealth games again.

#15 Edited by biggest_loser (24007 posts) -

I think its over-hyped and quite an average game. There are some huge holes in the design like being able to blink throughout the entire game. It negates the need to use any other powers. Some of the missions are broken like the party one, where the target walks away from everyone including the guards. Some missions, when there's only 9 of them, can be completed in like half an hour. Can we also talk about how poor the story and writing are?

#16 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (6562 posts) -

Decent game, although I don't really care for "you have to play stealthily to get the good ending". That's total crap.

#17 Posted by lamprey263 (22664 posts) -

It was over-hyped but it was still an okay distraction.

#18 Edited by senses_fail_06 (6735 posts) -

I hate to use this adjective, but the game is really boring. The setting, the gameplay, just about everything in it put me to sleep.

#19 Posted by Salt_The_Fries (8278 posts) -

The game was really, really great. The multiple gameplay paths it offered seemed really, really meaningful, although I went full stealth (and regretted I couldn't do certain things I imposed on myself). It was not without its faults, though. While the setting and the voice actors were really great, and it had an all-star cast, the game's lore wore thin around 60% in, and after that point, I became totally uninterested in the background story, and I beat last 2 levels just expecting it to end. Other than that, amazing game and while not perfect, still miles above anything else, and more games should go in this direction.

#20 Edited by Vatusus (4342 posts) -

I liked it very much. A tad disappointing after all the hype on forums but a very good game still. I bought it at $40 and it was worth every penny

#21 Edited by Sword-Demon (6934 posts) -

I enjoyed it. It does a good job of letting you play it the way you want (different ways of beating a mission, stealth vs shooting up the place, lethal vs. non lethal, etc.)

I disliked the morality system, though, since it works against the freedom the gameplay gives.

#22 Posted by GiantAssPanda (1594 posts) -

@lostrib said:

Still have to beat it

This. Bought the GOTY Edition from the Steam Christmas sale. Haven't yet played it.

#23 Edited by MBirdy88 (7367 posts) -

It was average, generic, meh, final part of the game was dreadful.... talk about an anti climax.

Why are developers not willing to make good final fights anymore? jsut sh*tty little encounters

#24 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16744 posts) -

Own it, haven't played it. That's as far as my thoughts go on it.

#25 Edited by foxhound_fox (87332 posts) -

Great atmopshere, great lore, great gameplay, but absolutely nothing about the story or characters makes it worth investing time into.

To make an analogy: It's a bunch of stylish clothes and neat gadgets but the person wearing/wielding them has no personality. I tried for many hours to get interested in playing it, but it didn't "grab" me like some other games have.

I'd say it's worth no more than... well, it really isn't worth playing, to be quite honest.

#26 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (9722 posts) -

@ foxhound_fox

I watched The Matrix just for the Action. I Guess I could try Dishonoured just for the gameplay.

#27 Posted by lundy86_4 (42844 posts) -

Decent game. Personally, it was a lot of fun.

#28 Posted by Big_Pecks (5230 posts) -

It's good but feels unfinished. A lot more could have been added.

#29 Posted by seanmcloughlin (38205 posts) -

Good game that had it's problems. Stealth was WAY too easy and enemies were dumb as shit.

Too many OP powers over a short space of time made it even easier

Level design could do with expanding a bit

Story and characters are dreadful

Visuals and art design were superb

#30 Posted by silversix_ (13886 posts) -

Was boring with an ugly art style

#31 Edited by uninspiredcup (7542 posts) -

Was boring with an ugly art style

But it looks like Edinburgh, the greatest, most beautiful city in the world.

#32 Edited by foxhound_fox (87332 posts) -

@ foxhound_fox

I watched The Matrix just for the Action. I Guess I could try Dishonoured just for the gameplay.

You could, but there is little reason to press on when the story is just so boring. And it's not like you can avoid it by skipping cutscenes either, it's heavily integrated into the progression.

#33 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (9722 posts) -

@ foxhound_fox

Gameplay is my reason, its why I love Platinum Games so damn much. I tried explaining Bayonetta to my friend- He thought I had a stroke :p.

#34 Posted by Gargus (2147 posts) -

That game is from 2012. If you need someones opinion at this point in time then you seriously need to learn how to google or look up reviews because there is no shortage of them.

That's like asking a forum if they think jaws is a good movie because you cant decide if you want to watch it.

#35 Posted by Bigboi500 (29082 posts) -

It's just like most other games: good, but doesn't live up to the hype.

#36 Edited by DocSanchez (1486 posts) -

Really enjoyed it, they have created a really interesting world. A spin on the turn of the 19th century. Looking forward to any future installments.

#37 Posted by paraskhos_basic (1241 posts) -

Didnt like it at all

#38 Posted by foxhound_fox (87332 posts) -

@ foxhound_fox

Gameplay is my reason, its why I love Platinum Games so damn much. I tried explaining Bayonetta to my friend- He thought I had a stroke :p.

Dishonored isn't in the same realm as a Platinum game when it comes to gameplay. Lol.

It's good, but not that good.

Oh yeah, and the Sam fight in Revengeance is possibly the best boss fight ever. Ever.

#39 Posted by Nonstop-Madness (9466 posts) -

Pretty great game. I would say it definitely worth a buy.

#40 Edited by locopatho (20112 posts) -

It's an excellent game. Steampunky. Yeah!

#41 Posted by Salt_The_Fries (8278 posts) -

It was for like €7.5 on a Black Friday sale for Xbox! I didn't buy it, though as I finished it more or less upon its release, and I'm buying only games I've never played but wanted to badly, before I'm moving on to next-gen.

#42 Edited by ShangTsung7 (247 posts) -

one of the best games i've played since Skyrim, i especially love how it gives the demeanor of your character totally up to you, it doesn't give a "mission failed" screen for getting spotted, i hate games like that.. on all my playthroughs so far including the dlc's i've played a blood thirsty psycho, killing everything breathing and sparing no one.. lol have yet to do a non lethal playthrough but i'll get around to it, i honestly can't get enough of this game, and currently using a save editor to mod my inventory which makes it twice as addicting.. ;)

#43 Posted by PhazonBlazer (11483 posts) -

Great game, pretty disappointing story though.

#44 Posted by Toxic-Seahorse (4090 posts) -

I loved the game, it was way too short though. For $10 on a steam sale it was definitely worth it.

#45 Posted by Cranler (8211 posts) -

Great game, more like Deus Ex than Thief though.

#46 Posted by TheEroica (13223 posts) -

THought I was going to absolutely love it...

Played it...

Didn't like it. Didn't like the combat. Thought the game was easily manipulated, thought the blink stealth was kinda meh... Didn't like the universe. Can't explain it, just didn't like it.

#47 Posted by dethtrain (384 posts) -

Great game, lots of ways to get through levels and complete objectives. Reminded me of Deus Ex

I think the designer of the first Deus Ex designed this one. The game was pretty good. If you went for an all stealth play through some parts could get tedious. Especially if you decided not to use the super powers (I generally did. I mostly knocked people out). It took about 10 hours on the first play through for me. Second play through I murdered everyone (but abused blink heavily and supernatural abilities) and that took me about 1.5 hours with the "bad" ending.

#48 Posted by Minishdriveby (10128 posts) -

I thought it was pretty awesome. I was thinking of going back to get the platinum recently.

#49 Posted by Mordred19 (8259 posts) -

I love it. Despite the disappointing plot and overpowered character, it's one of my favorite games.

#50 Posted by chocolate1325 (32422 posts) -

Haven't beat it but from what I have played it has some interesting game mechanics.