This Could Be Our First Look At The PS4 Boot Logo

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This could very well be the warm-boot sequence for the PS4 (from OS to lunching a game)

This was created by a Neo-Gaf user based on the video that Sony posted today showing the boot sounds of each PlayStation console. At the end, the PS4 logo shows up and a sound very similar to the PS2 warm-boot is played.

If this is it, I love it. Sony going back to its roots. Best next-gen boot-screen confirmed? :P

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I just came.

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Def looks like a boot up screen...

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LOVE IT. inb4 lems try and kill my mood.

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Want to see the whole thig asap!!!

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Go to 2:50. You don't get to see it entirely, but stitch it together with the boot up at 0:20 in this video, and there you go.

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Looks sweet!

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well... that was lame....

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I figured this thread was nothing more than yet another pathetic fanboy circle jerk over another Sony related tidbit, but that was actually pretty cool.

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Yep, that looks awesome.

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Impressive. A lot better than the PS3 one.

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Clean and simple :)

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Meh, a log poofing into smoke. Nothing new to see here boys.

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Holy ****...

ps2 start up....

I just came.

I hope sony destroys the competition.

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That is absolutely diabolical when compared the the XBox One boot up but thankfully Sony win at EVERYTHING else

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Love it.

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Oh man!! That PS2 sound!!

I'd buy one just for that...

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I like it.

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Nostalgia alone sells the PS4. well played Sony well played

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Reminds me of the good ol' PS2 days. :)

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Such a fitting throw back, many things went wrong with last gen, this is the return of the king to its rightful throne as the one dominant system.

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Made me laugh.

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Ugh. Awful. I can't believe they chose that. PRE ORDER CANCELLED.

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@NoirLamia777 said:

I just came.

My thoughts exactly. HYPE.

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I really don't get console gamers.

G-sync, brand new tech, a HUGE leap in display technology. Their reaction? Bleh, mah 60" plasmah is ways better!

Sony's stupid boot logo?


It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

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That's actually pretty sweet.

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Wow exciting! Just kidding

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Is everyone else clicking a different link to me or something? I mean, it looks fine but it's hardly OMG AMAZING!!! What happened to stuff like the PS1 and the Gamecube where you had an awesome little tune when you started it up, instead we get "dwum" and that's it.

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Makes me think of PS2, cant wait to play KH3 it will be a nostalgic experience

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My kid brother can do better with MS Paint.

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Looks sexy. Simple and effective with that satisfying sound

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@Chutebox said:

Def looks like a boot up screen...


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@billing said:

My kid brother can do better with MS Paint.

He is very talented, all I can ever accomplish in paint is cropping images, draw crappy stick figures, and draw mustaches on pictures

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looks easily 50% better than anything xbone could do and PC still looks like 16 bit era when starting up...where's your Titan now? Ps4 is the start up graphics king this gen.

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@NoirLamia777 said:

I just came.

Lol... Yeah looks cool.