The war has been won

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Sony does in 1 territory what Microsoft does in 13 territories.
Sony's only mission was to conquer North-America since Europe and Japan were already saved from tyranny and mediocrity, and boy did they ever.
And with that ladies and gents, boys and girls, the war has finally been won (eventhough it just began).

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3.Wii u

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pretty much

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I see the PS4 being the top selling console, although the xbox one should end up pretty close.

While the wii u will be a distant distant distant distant last place.

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When is ps4 released in Europe?

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We did it guys.



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Almost 3 am and now i just want to watch band of brothers....i hate you

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@sirbrandt: I hope you're joking. If we declared a "winner" this early for every gen then Genesis would've beaten SNES and the 360 would've outsold PS3 but they didn't. These are marathons.

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Lol, funny thread. The band of brothers video was a nice touch. But seriously, they may have allegedly won a battle, but the war is just getting started.

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not only has the xbone better launchtitles in lemmings eyes it's also in stock!


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It's a good time to bookmark or remember claims like these. Claims that one won over the other already. That's system wars fun for ya.

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i want to agree with what you are saying but since you are an incredibly dumb poster i will just say

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@senses_fail_06 said:

We did it guys.




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People like you would die first in a real war.

Anyway. The gen just started so how can you tell what console won already?

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Next gen is here.

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@speedfog said:

People like you would die first in a real war.

Anyway. The gen just started so how can you tell what console won already?

How do you think the PS3 outsold the X360 with a year head-start? Because Japan and most of Europe are Sony land. And now with NA even if the Xbox ends up dominating it again nothing will change. The only reason the X360 was still competitive with the PS3 was because the X360 had a 15 million lead on NA but now that will not be possible.