The Survivor 2299 -- Hoax

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With great pain a mate of mine messaged me this morning about the tragedy. I didn't want to believe it at first until I logged on for myself and saw the numerous amount of websites claiming it was true.

To anyone that doesn't know me I am a huge Fallout fan and it's my favourite franchises of all time. I won't lie I haven't felt this sad about gaming news in a long time lol. Now my question is, when asked, how come Bethesda never spoke out against this site? Do you think they're planning on announcing Fallout 4 soon and didn't mind the free publicity they were receiving from the site?

I was so excited and following all the news about the site just to find out it was all a big joke? I could break something right now. Bethesda y u no tell us? At least one positive thing came out of this. It brought all the Fallout community together so share your feelings with the rest of us, and tell us what you think about this matter.

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No shit, Sherlock!

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Saw this on the Bethesda boards a little while ago.

They could atleast tell us:

1) it's in development

2) the setting

3) the engine

Throw us a bone, Todd Howard!!!!!!

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Didn't Bethesda say it was a hoax from the beginning?

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@PannicAtack: I'm afraid not. When asked Bethesda declined to comment.

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@supa_badman: Heh, sums it up perfectly.

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Take solace in knowing that at least it's coming eventually. :P