The Return of the SDC Report: Here we go!

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#1 Posted by XboxDone74 (2047 posts) -

PSN+ update

Plus, download Killzone Shadowfall mp trial.

The Domination Continues.

#2 Posted by lostrib (39034 posts) -

Don't care, just hurry up and tell us the NA PS+ games for Jan

#3 Posted by MonsieurX (30825 posts) -

Angry Birds Star Wars for 32.99?


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@MonsieurX: Can you afford it? Budget, my child. :)

#5 Posted by MonsieurX (30825 posts) -

@xboxdone74 said:

@MonsieurX: Can you afford it? Budget, my child. :)

Jelly of the steam sales?

#6 Posted by Heil68 (45706 posts) -

Great sales but of course Sony has always been value driven.

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I'm glad Don't Starve is coming to PS+ next month for Ps4. Really want to play that.

#8 Posted by John_Matherson (2031 posts) -

Oh sony. Oh, youuu...