The Order is basically Ryse but for PS4 owners.

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no variety, no dynamic gameplay elements, nothing but a bland cover shooter with nice graphics...nice graphics with a single color palette which I'm sure will get old fast. I've been watching gameplay videos and I'm thoroughly disappointed. The more I see the less I'm interested in it. I think they worked hard on the graphics but forgot that the gameplay is much more important. This will be a tech demo much like how Ryse was. I'm gonna have to cancel my preorder as I no longer care for this game. What do you guys think?

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I'll let you know when I play it.

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Yes. Order will fail

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I agree, cover based third person shooters are probably the most formulaic genere ever and not only that, they are literally just a peakaboo minigame. The Order 1886 does have amazing graphics and an awesome setting but we all know all of that is just wasted on a game like this.

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500 posts. Anyways the difference between both is Ryse was 900p 30 fps while Order will be 800p at 30 fps.

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@bldgirsh: Where was it said the order would 800P. Please send that link my way.

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So far most of the 8th Gen Games are behind in the gameplay department. Except for Nintendo ofcourse ! :)

People ought to get their priorities straight.

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that makes it sound like ryse's pixel count is larger, however the order's count is 6.67% higher.

1080p is 35% higher than the order.

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It will be a good game, possibly great. Variety? It should be there with the usual things like different weapons, weapon upgrades, personal upgrades. The setting is pretty original too, which will make it interesting.

Ryse is a very different sort of game, but also may have been held back by the fact it started out as a Kinect only game.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

So far most of the 8th Gen Games are behind in the gameplay department. Except for Nintendo ofcourse ! :)

People ought to get their priorities straight.

Their priorities are straight; they just don't align with yours.

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Doubt it, the game will be solid, just nothing special and will probably be forgotten by the end of the gen.

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I think people mostly got excited for the game setting, and the graphics, not so much for the gameplay

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I saw some pretty cool weapon variety in the gameplay trailer already. I don't think this is the QTE fest that was Ryse.

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@bldgirsh: you know that the order has more pixels than Ryse ? silly lem!

also remember the same BS about TLOU.. LOL

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Aaaand this thread is not locked yet....

CHARIZARD. I choose you.

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And now they must face the consequences... :p

They wanted graphics.... Well.... they got'em.... Hahahaha !

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I'm looking forward to trying it or at least reading the reviews.

I can say the developer has a good, if not great, track record.

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