The Order 1886, aspect ratio, and resolution.

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#51 Posted by pc-ps360 (3460 posts) -

@way2funny: it is a smart idea. need for speed most wanted did that on ps3 360 and wiiu tho the black bar was very small.

this way the developers can produce a game graphically better than the system can handle. time will tell if the black bar are a bother, as for me i think it will be but i have to play the game to know for sure.

#52 Posted by Sushiglutton (5713 posts) -

This balck-bar nonsense has to be one of the silliest ideas in a long time. Who asked for this?

#53 Posted by Masculus (2878 posts) -

I don't understand the choice. Who likes black bars? I say no one, even more so in a game running in widescreen TVs.

#54 Posted by StrongBlackVine (9725 posts) -

@Nengo_Flow: I wouldn't say I am hyped for it, but as of right now it is a Day 1 purchase. We will see if the hype is justified later this month...

#55 Posted by Alcapello (1312 posts) -

The setting in this game looks real interesting.

#56 Posted by freedomfreak (45011 posts) -
@soulitane said:

I really don't understand why they don't let the user choose. We should be given some choices especially with debatable things like this.

Pretty much. It would've been a non-issue.

CoJ: Gunslinger gave you the option.

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@tormentos said:

@FoxbatAlpha said:

"Obviously a design choice". Didn't Ryse get a ton of flack when it was changed to 900p for reasons other than what cows wanted to hear?

Ryse was say be 1080p with 150k characters and was downgrade to 900p with 85k characters and still is not lock 30FPS it has drop into the low 20's.

The order was say to be 800p since the start now they have the game running on 1080p apparently they want to use MSAA which has a nasty hit on performance,so they have to chose between 1080p without MSAA or 1080p probably with FXAA,either way the games is not been upscale is native 1920x800 and that is what you get,800p with black bars or 1080p without them,also 800p has higher pixel than 900p,Ryse is upscale to 1080p.

@way2funny said:

Adding those black bars CUTS down the resolution to something lower than than 1080p. I made a mistake in my previous statement. It will be 1920 by something lower than 1080 because they are NOT rendering the game at full 1080p, then adding black bars. They are artificially changing the resolution

Is full image is 1080p inside the black bars is 1920x800p the game is not upscale so you don't get any blur or artifacts usually inserted by upscaling the image.

Okay, but the game hands down is still not rendering much more pixels than Ryse. Also, at 900p, those blur and artifacts, and at the normal viewing distance of a large tv, its minimal.