The Evil Within E3 2014 Demo.

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Will watch

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Media blackout 'cuz day one.

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Looks great!

Day 1

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Yes please.

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I'm getting a RE1 remake vibe from watching that, me like.

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@Ballroompirate said:

I'm getting a RE1 remake vibe from watching that, me like.

Yeah definitely! People have been saying this is going to turn out like Resident Evil 4 but this looks way more like REmake. Which is a good thing in my mind.

Limited health and ammo, being rewarded for exploration, enemies not dropping ammo when they die... Heck, Sebastien doesn't even carry a gun while walking around. So happy this is looking less and less like a third person shooter each time we see it.

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hmm, graphically it looks better than previous videos, though the gameplay is looking kind of dull

in visual design it looks impressive, I fail to see the tension or satisfying gameplay I've come to expect

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Welp.... that didn't actually look very good

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no thanks