The Dream fighting game!

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if you could design your own fighting game what would it be like and who would be in it.

for me i would make a game in the same line as marvel VS Capcom but i wouldn't stop there i would also include characters from the DBZ, and DC Universe. 100 playable charcters, multi stage levels, 2D scene with next generation graphics. tag team action and online support for crossplay on 360 and PS3.

playable characters

Superman, Batman, Punisher, Magneto, Rogue, Gambet, wolverine, Ice man, Storm, Juggernaut, Dr Doom, Silver Surfer, Apocolypse, Cyclops, Omega Red, Jill, Morgen, Demitre, Mega man, Ryu, Ken, Vega, M Bison, Fei Long, Chunli, Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Krillen, Cell, Freeza, Buu, Vegeta, Brolli, Coller, Goten, Vegetto and Gogeta(if using goku and vegeta together)

i could go on but you get the idea

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Everyone VS Everyone Else, Ever. So in other words, EVSEEE

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Founding Fighters: Battle for the Constitution
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brawl with ps3 grafics, 360 online and megaman model ZX springs to mind
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Microsoft vs Ninteno vs Sony vs Sega

with character such as Master chief, Marcus Fenix, Kratos, Dante, Link, Samus, Sonic and Shadow

lol not my real dream fighting game

My dream fighter would have Marvel vs Capcom 2 fighting mechanics, with characters from capcom, marvel, snk, final fantasy, tekken,soul calibur, naruto, bleach, air gear, soul eater etc. With HD hand drawn 2d sprites and animation and lag-free online with weekly worldwide tournaments

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I think what you want is MUGEN...

I just want Capcom vs SNK vs ArcSystemWorks and I'll be set...

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I think what you want is MUGEN...

I just want Capcom vs SNK vs ArcSystemWorks and I'll be set...


MUGEN is garbage compared to what im talking about

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Internet Meme Fighter. Think of the possibilities.

Chad Vader vs. Chuck Norris
Chocolate Rain guy vs. Numa Numa guy
Hampster dance hamsters vs. dramatic chipmunk
Chris Crocker vs. lonelygirl15

Even AVGN vs. Yahtzee?

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The game your describing sounds an awful lot like MUGEN, TC.

anyhoo, my dream game would be the newest KOF coming out, it's gonna kick ass.