System Wars: Worst Game You've ever played?

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#1 Posted by Sweenix (5397 posts) -

Mine would either be mass effect 2 or pokemon snap

No h8 guiz, thos games jus suk #suck

#2 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -

That fact that you chose Mass Effect 2, which has good gameplay, shows exactly what criteria your basing your experience on.

I shall reply in a matter best fitting for this thread.

The worst video game I played was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.... It was soooooo linear. ;) hahahaha

#3 Posted by xCocoTheMonkeyx (356 posts) -

Aliens: Colonial Marines...that game was utter shit.

#4 Posted by thehig1 (1391 posts) -

Why did you pick mass effect 2, you know it's widely regarded as a great game, so I'm curious as to why you think it's the worse game ever.

Think about what your saying, I get you might have been disappointed with it but there must have been many more games you played that are worse than it.

My worst game is bubsy 3D for the ps1, that was actually my first PS1 game what a first impression haha

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i dunno about it being a "game" it was more of a movie, but anyways,

unchartered 3 was horrible.

#6 Posted by br0kenrabbit (12824 posts) -

Either King of the Mountain on the Atari 2600 or Hydlide on the NES.

#7 Edited by ConanTheStoner (4769 posts) -

Probably ET.

#8 Posted by ConanTheStoner (4769 posts) -

@thehig1 said:

My worst game is bubsy 3D for the ps1,

Oh, that's a good (bad) one.

#9 Posted by Salt_The_Fries (8363 posts) -

@br0kenrabbit lol I played the Mountain King as well but on Commodore 64...that game with a dude running with flashlight looking for some treasure avoiding bats and ghosts, right?

BTW my answer is Aliens Colonial Marines, no contest.

#10 Posted by thehig1 (1391 posts) -

@ConanTheStoner: I opened up a ps1 one at Christmas, a few years late to ps1 party because I had a Sega Saturn first. So I was happy to have the same console most my friends did.

I opened up bubsy 3D and thought it looked cool.

The game Brought me to actual tears hahah

#11 Posted by Pffrbt (6528 posts) -

Probably some Sonic game.

#12 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


He obviously didn't use logic when He nominated Mass Effect 2..... What do you expect his response will be if you ask why ?

#13 Posted by ConanTheStoner (4769 posts) -


I believe it man. I was also one of the poor suckers that wasted cash on that abomination. Worst burn ever.

At least it wasn't my first PS1 game though, that really sucks lol

#14 Posted by thehig1 (1391 posts) -
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Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta.

#16 Edited by br0kenrabbit (12824 posts) -

@Salt_The_Fries said:

@br0kenrabbit lol I played the Mountain King as well but on Commodore 64...that game with a dude running with flashlight looking for some treasure avoiding bats and ghosts, right?

Yup. I played ET, too, but I hated this game more. Dat jumping:

#17 Posted by charizard1605 (56013 posts) -

I'm actually not quite sure. Generally speaking, I have been able to dredge up some enjoyment from every game I have played. I will have to think about this one.

#18 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


Well.... He might have had his experienced ruined the same way mine was when I discover what was wrong with the Dialogue System......

So we can't write him off just yet...... But then again this is System Wars so we should write him off anyway..... Just to be safe....

Its in the Its in the Code of Conduct.... Seriously... Look it up. :p

#19 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


True.... If a game was really that bad you wouldve quit and forgotten it......

So naturally people will nominate the game worst game they played long enough to remember. You know.... The ones that had atleast something going for them.

#20 Posted by thehig1 (1391 posts) -

@Lulu_Lulu: what was wrong with the dialogue wheel?, I haven't played mass effect 2 since its launch

My biggest annoyance with mass effect 2 was the planters scanning in place of exploring planets like in 1.

#21 Edited by Basinboy (11056 posts) -

Just...don't ask.

#22 Edited by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


Yeah that was bad too.....

The Dialogue wheel is fine its the system behind it thats all Catty Wompuss.

In a game a that emphasizes important choices yet the system punishes you for choosing thoughtfully.

#23 Edited by thehig1 (1391 posts) -

@Lulu_Lulu: I see your point, I was blinded by the suicide mission and the fascination of what's behind the omega 4 relay to have really noticed.

However thinking back now I can see what you mean.

#24 Posted by delta3074 (17889 posts) -

Legendary:the box, game was completely aweful with the worstf framerates i have ever seen, game had NO redeeming features whatsoever.

#25 Posted by slimdogmilionar (473 posts) -


#26 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


Tiny lil things can unwind alot of the hard work in decent gameplay. In Street Fighter... Its Akuma.

#27 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (15916 posts) -

Probably some game on the Commodore Amiga.

#28 Posted by FoxbatAlpha (6140 posts) -

Two Brothers raged me in the first 10 minutes. Just thinking about it makes me want to commit a violent crime.

#29 Edited by Sweenix (5397 posts) -

I chose mass effect guiz, because it's utter boring crap and it's the only game that i ever sold to gamestop 20 minutes after purchasing it.

#30 Posted by Blabadon (25933 posts) -

Super Mario Sunshine

#31 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


LOL..... Just as I suspected.....

I knew I was right about you..... XD !

FYI please don't play Murdered Soul Suspect... You'l think its boring too.

#32 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (3474 posts) -

Devil May Cry 2. Awful bosses, awful camera, awful AI.

#33 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


Do any of the DMC games really have AI or any other form of Intelligence ?

I only got into the series at DMC3 so I just don't get the last point.

#34 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (3474 posts) -


AI that rarely attacks you and just does a lot of standing around.

#35 Posted by Suppaman100 (3771 posts) -


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The only games worse than Mass Effect 2 are Super Mario Bros 3, Half-Life 2 and Metal Gear Solid.

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This game is possibly one of the biggest cancers in the gaming industry! The game that is the poster boy for Anti-Games everywhere.

#38 Posted by locopatho (20177 posts) -

Sim City Creator on the Wii. I can honestly say that game's controls were broken. Not bad, or poor, or annoying. Broken, as in you couldn't play the game with them.

#39 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10284 posts) -


Hmmmm. I can see how that would be very frustrating. :)

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So many trolls on here... either that or people don't play many games which is weird considering what forum we are on.

#42 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2408 posts) -

Probably LRFF13

I stay away from garbage like Ride to Hell and Mindjack

#43 Posted by richardclark19 (14 posts) -

The worst game i have ever played was Neverend have u played that game? It is so stupid at some points that would make you wanna hurl.

#44 Edited by LegatoSkyheart (24886 posts) -

The WORST game I have ever played is Monkey Mischief: Party Time.

You literally waggle the wiimote and WIN. In fact I think there was a game on there where you did absolutely NOTHING and win. It's terrible! And there's only like 5 minigames to choose from and the graphics look very sub par even for Wii standards. It's one of the worst games ever to be made and should be burned at the stake. At least Big Rigs makes you laugh with how horrible the bugs that game has, here Monkey Mischief just makes you sad and sadder for even playing it.

The only good thing I found for that game was getting $2.50 in store credit at Gamestop for trading it in. Sorry Grandma, God rest your Soul, But that game really had to go.

#45 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (6931 posts) -

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

#46 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3474 posts) -


Hmmmm. I can see how that would be very frustrating. :)

Try going from DMC 1 or 3 to that. The hell happened.

#47 Posted by Vatusus (4429 posts) -

Here come the monthly "name a popular game to cause controversy" thread

anyways, Maken Shao: Demon Sword on the PS2 was probably the worst game I've haver played

#48 Posted by Zassimick (6342 posts) -

Would be easy to say some poor NES or PS2 title that I've completely forgotten about by now.

Out of games that are considered good by others that I thought was just terrible though? Jak 2.

#49 Posted by Ballroompirate (22555 posts) -

The Cursed Crusade

I wouldn't even recommend that game if it was free

#50 Posted by finalstar2007 (24947 posts) -

Gears of War.. straight garbage bought the collection which includes 1 and 2.. sold it in the same exact week.