System Wars, offline or online play?

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Poll: System Wars, offline or online play? (56 votes)

Offline. 79%
Online. 21%

With it being March it also signals the drop of two system sellers on apposing consoles(excluding the fact one is technically a multiplat for SW sake). Nintendo & PC people welcome to comment too of course lol.

One is an offline story based game with no multiplayer whereas the other is an competitive online mode with no single player.

So people of all factions, which type of play do you enjoy the most/prefer?

My vote goes for offline for various personal gaming reasons and some heavy factual reasons; like my internet isn't sustainable enough to produce an enjoyable online gaming experience(Fuck you, ADSL!).


#1 Posted by IMAHAPYHIPPO (2563 posts) -

Seeing that I don't care for playing with strangers and do most of my gaming with my girlfriend, who I live with, I have to say local multiplayer.

#2 Edited by gameofthering (10126 posts) -

Local is the best.

EDIT : I need to read better. I thought this was Local MP vs On-Line MP.

#3 Posted by Couth_ (10007 posts) -

No preference. And my choice for March goes to the hybrid Dark Souls 2

#4 Posted by Bigboi500 (29291 posts) -

Offline. I'm tired of getting hate PMs every time I play online just for enjoying a game and being better than someone else.

#5 Edited by SolidTy (42412 posts) -

I enjoy both, but the very best experiences in my gaming life have been offline.

Whether I'm talking Rockband local, Streetfighter local, SSB, Mario, some party BBQ gaming session, Halo 1 LAN, Starcraft, Singstar, Diablo LAN, or some amazing, offline SP game. I have a lot of friends and family and I prefer playing with any of them over strangers. Plus, various ladies in my life.

I have had a blast online of course, but offline wins to me by a split of 25/75.

I would imagine if I had less RL friends, maybe I would have more fun online. Still, the best Single Player games ever still resonate with me today. I have a ton of online friends, but the more people you know, the less time you have to give to them, and RL friends seem to be a priority at my house.

I absolutely love great offline couch co op games.

#6 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (6963 posts) -

I usually prefer single player, but I didn't think Infamous was anything special, so if I were to choose between one of these games, I would probably lean toward giving the new IP a chance.

#7 Posted by ni6htmare01 (912 posts) -

I prefer off line play as my wife likes to bother me time to time when I play game so online no pause is a no no for me.

#8 Posted by misterpmedia (3363 posts) -

Btw noting Infamous: Second Son and Titanfall were just examples of binary opposites. The question isn't restricted to those two games.

#9 Posted by ProjectPat187 (1977 posts) -

Online by far, playing against live players is a billion times more fun than playing against some stupid scripted computer AI.

#10 Edited by PsychoLemons (2033 posts) -

Offline or Local Multiplayer. But it really varies on the genre.

#11 Posted by CrownKingArthur (4379 posts) -

i enjoy both types equally. depends on the game more than anything else.

#12 Edited by lostrib (34272 posts) -

I like playing online multiplayer FPS games, but I think the best stories and most of the best gameplay is in singleplayer games

#13 Posted by CountBleck12 (22649 posts) -

Most of the time, offline.

#14 Edited by Maddie_Larkin (6352 posts) -

both in equal measure, but for the sake of the poll I voted "Offline" since most of my best experiences have been SP related.

I think it is almost scarily equal come to think of it, if I play games for 3 hours a day, it is pretty evenly split these days O.o odd fact: the Offline games are different, but it is the same Online games I end up playing, go figure.

#15 Posted by Syn_Valence (1348 posts) -

Offline all the way, i mean i love dark souls online......only because without it i get scared

#16 Edited by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

I prefer single player. My friends have to beg me to play online and most of the time it is still no. This is console I am talking about of course. Multiplayer on PC I don't mind and will play, but still prefer single player there as well. When playing multiplayer games, I prefer stuff like Guild Wars 2, which is something consoles lack. Also multiplayer on consoles has always felt broken to me compared to PC. I bought GTAV for my daughter for Christmas and I have beaten it twice, yet to this day I still have yet to go online with it even with 4 friends always bugging me to get online.

#17 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (3459 posts) -
Offline. Many of my favourite games are single player or have local multiplayer. And if the servers went down for an online only game, then you can't really enjoy it anymore.
#18 Edited by mems_1224 (46490 posts) -

I would rather play a multiplayer game with my friends over any single player game.

#19 Posted by MBirdy88 (7645 posts) -

I like both, but there is no doubt about it.... single player games are next to challenges, outside of graphics its hard to provide anywhere near the same thrill as multiplayer gaming. or competitiveness... or challenge. I play single player when I'm feeling a casual mood where story ect matter more.... but majority of the time I want competition... so MP.

That being said... the MP scene on consoles is so tiny outside of shooters... that I garner most console players here wouldn't have any long-term experience with MP focused games. so naturally SP would destroy this poll.

#20 Posted by Krelian-co (10360 posts) -

single player > coop >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>mmo

#21 Posted by Demonjoe93 (9523 posts) -

Offline most of the time. I've never been a big fan of the online gaming craze.

#22 Posted by coasterguy65 (5873 posts) -

Offline most of the time. I used to love to play online, but immature brats have ruined online, so the only time I play online now is with close friends.

#23 Posted by Ghost120x (3737 posts) -

Offline because no lag and randoms just suck. It could also be nostalgia, because I remember the good ol days with me and my buds playing conkers bad fur day.

#24 Edited by treedoor (7648 posts) -

I don't necessarily prefer either though I'd be willing to bet that 99% of my lifetime of gaming has been spent playing multiplayer games. It just depends on the mindset. If I had to list my top 10 favorite games I'm sure half would be multiplayer, and half would be single player.

I think the big thing is that eventually all multiplayer games come to an end. World of Warcraft is the greatest game I ever played, but once the end of The Burning Crusade rolled around the game may as well have died.

#25 Posted by osan0 (12620 posts) -

i am mostly an offline player.

there are a few exceptions though.

i much prefer monster hunter online. its OK in SP but really comes to life online. im sure local MP would also be awesome....but only one copy of MH was sold in the are i me. well probably anyway :P.

trackmania also has to be played online. the game has, without exception, the best online community and the tracks they develop can put the very best in mario kart and co to shame.

#26 Edited by cainetao11 (16839 posts) -

Generally I am an offline player primarily. But this month is Titanfall for me.

#27 Posted by SlyRoxas97 (59 posts) -

Single player games entertain me much more, I typically get bored of multiplayer games rather quickly, minus fighting games that is.

#28 Posted by LJS9502_basic (150289 posts) -

Offline....immersed in the game with no distractions.

#29 Posted by The_Last_Ride (70537 posts) -

i like to play my singleplayer stories, i don't really care for multiplayer

#30 Posted by 93BlackHawk93 (5291 posts) -

Offline. I don't play online that much.

#31 Posted by bloodlust_101 (2682 posts) -

Offline for me. Online only when I am in a group of friends, however since life typically gets in the way of everyone scheduling gaming time at the same time it just does not happen too often.

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#33 Posted by GrenadeLauncher (4027 posts) -

Offline play dominates.

Poor lems and their "muh always-online strategy."

#34 Posted by freedom01 (612 posts) -

Any is fine with me

#35 Posted by Kuromino (1260 posts) -

Offline or online co-op.

Regardless of the type of game, I simply cannot play competitively online. I suppose I tend to panic when playing against other players, because my performance is always terrible. D:

#36 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (5757 posts) -

Definitely a SP gamer. Very occasionally I'll play MP.

#37 Posted by Basinboy (11048 posts) -

The majority of the time I prefer SP experiences.

There are a few exceptions where I get totally engrossed by a MP experience. If the internet weren't the cesspool of internet conduct and behavior that it is, MP would be more appealing to me.