Survey about games - Very important

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As a non US citizen, I was gonna answer just to fuck up your results for funsies. But I couldn't get past all the spelling mistakes, poorly phrased questions and bad pre determined answers.

If you are really in college, you can make a better survey than that! (apologies if English isn't your first language)

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Tell us, Who you think it will win this next generation of consoles, Wii U, Xbox One or PS4? *

It´s time to say everything you think now! I´m a shrink!!!!

According to what exactly?

But as said locopatho,terrible survey.

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I took it, but it was not a well delivered survey.

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This survey was just awful.


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need 491 more posts

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@serginho_usa: Gamespot does not allow users to post these types of surveys so please refrain from doing so, if you continue to do so your account will be banned.

Also each board has specific rules to follow before posting, please read them. In System Wars you must have 500 posts to post a new thread for example.