Super Smash Brothers' Phones Hacked, Nudes Leaked.

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This is getting really out of control.

"Last week a slew of leaks from Nintendo revealed the Super Smash Brothers roster, Sunday the iCloud was hacked revealing hundreds of nude photos of A-list celebrities. As night falls, it seems that fictional characters are no longer safe from phone hacking. It seems that close to 50 characters were hacked over the course of a year, stealing photos of the famous fighters in provocative, and sometimes graphic, situations."

"It appears this is only the tip of the iceberg and the hacker plans to continue releasing photos over the following weeks. Rumors are even circulating in regards to a Ganondorf video exposing his moveset."

Source. NSFW.

This shit's messed up.

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Inb4 Ballroompirate

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Not cool, freedom.

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Luigi is gonna be pissed !

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And this game is made for children.

You disgust me, Nintendo.

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Kirby is leaking :o

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It's actually quite the Coincidence that The Celeb Nude Leaks happen around the same time the entire Smash Bros. roster got leaked.

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Was expecting something more... provocative.

Like Samus, or Peach.

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Fun times indeed.

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fun observation.

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top tier thread, like Meta Knight level really.

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Cant wait unitl Jiggly shows off her puffs.