sunset overdrive developer chose X1 because of XBL

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Insomniac abandoned the PS4 in favor of XB1 because of Microsoft's Xbox Live service and it's cloud powah!

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I'm sure it had nothing to do with whatever money they were given by MS.

MS has bought all their exclusives except that dance game (as far as I know)...why would this one be any different.

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I thought it was because they were allowed to own the IP

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I give 2 months before it's announced for PC.

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Sony held them back for years. I'm glad they could finally make games they always wanted thanks to MS.

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Thanks MS for helping out

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Yeah...that was it

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Another BS excuse? When do the lies end.

First they say they are making this game, the game they've wanted to make for years FOR THE FANS.

Then they claim they just wanted to own the IP (yet they still choose to make it exclusive. Also can anyone blame Sony for wanting the IP? Look what happened to Spyro and Crash)

Now it's more BS about dirt clod power. Does this game even have pvp? You don't need servers for some co-op mode.

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I played the multiplayer during Comic-Con and I could see why they chose Xbox Live over PlayStation Network. They couldn't have achieve what they wanted to achieve with their game if it was on PSN. PSN is just lacking and lacking at the time they started to create this game. The game could get chaotic but it wasn't overwhelming for me even if there were other players playing at the same time. Working together really helps but at the same time you want to score the most during the play through. I think they called that competitive co-op or something like that. It ran really smooth, you could go crazy by doing anything but you could strategize, at no time it reminded me of R&C which is good, and it's just a really fun game, day one for me. And just wanted to share this from SDCC:

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Something tells me they are making shit up... I bet it has more to do with Microsoft paying them to make the game exclusive.

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OH NOES!!!! TEH SPIN/CHANGE OF ANSWER!!! I thought they did it so they could own the IP?

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500 is a magical number.

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I for one am happy Xbox titles are coming to PC, the world has been telling Microsoft to step up its pc support and they finally are.

OT: This is because Microsoft has allowed Insomniac to keep full control of the IP while Sony wouldn't let that happen, for the gamers indeed.

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Nobody would even be questioning the reasons for exclusivity if it was a PS4 exclusive. Also, nobody started complaining about it until we saw that the actual game will probably be good.

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@softwaregeek said:

Insomniac abandoned the PS4 in favor of XB1 because of Microsoft's Xbox Live service and it's cloud powah!

Must've posted on your alternate on accident.

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what is an alternate? I've had a couple people mention that. not sure what they mean exactly.

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why not just say its because you could keep the ip? you bet on the wrong horse if you base it on xbla.

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@softwaregeek: Mmmhm.

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Microsoft promises them some of the xbl fees, by the time Sony charges for PSN it was too late, but actually perfect timing for Sony.

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The online cloud servers have been performing rather flawlessly for me in TF(30 ms pin average) & Forza 5, so the online in this should prove awesome as well. Game is looking great hopefully it will not actually reminds me a lot of DR3, which is not a bad thing.....looks like it will just be stupid fun.

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If a 3rd party dev is making an exclusive for Sony or Microsoft, you can be sure there is a bag of money involved.

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Lol because 8 player multiplayer is so ground breaking.

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Can't blame them PSN is shit!

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no it was because sony wanted to own the rights to the game.

the game is colorful but runs like shit.

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Ya, no it wasn't lol. They had trouble with Sony. This has already been covered.

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@xhawk27 said:

Can't blame them PSN is shit!

"For example, our multiplayer mode in the game called Chaos Squad supports eight players traversing a giant open world together to take on randomized missions.

Hey dude Insomniac did that on PSN on 2008.... lol @60 player 8 players co-op no xbox 360 match it to this day.

I guess PSN wasn't as bad after all.

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I dont understand why companies have to make up bs excuses. Whats worse is they keep making up new ones. M$ gave them money to make a game for their system. End of story, why is that so hard to say.. I bought the "they wanted to own their ip" excuse, even though i knew money was still involved as well but since there's yet again another "reason", I call bs. At this point its seems as if they're having second thoughts on going on the x1 only. The games been in development since 2011 when M$ was on top. No one knew that sony would be dominating with the ps4

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