Street Fighter 3 third strike which version to choose?

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#1 Posted by SalikSST (252 posts) -

im fan of this game but confused of which version to go for the original Dreamcast version or the modern updated XBLA/PSN release online edition however im not into online gaming just single player only is the Online edition better graphically better than DC release with all those filters or DC version is still better than all other ome releases?

#2 Posted by FinalFighters (1932 posts) -

get the PSN version. you can unlock concept Art, character endings and Music tracks (if youre a fan of SF:III like myself this alone is great) .. it has online multiplayer, yes you said you dont care about that but its still a good feature to have (hey, you never know you might want to test your skillz on actual opponents one day).

#3 Posted by Heirren (19019 posts) -
Psn or Live version as these consoles support a plethora of arcade sticks.
#4 Posted by Obviously_Right (5320 posts) -

More people playing on PSN.

Source: I have it on both.

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Modern version