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I'd been planning to buy a next gen console this year, and am currently funding this by selling my PS3. The problem is I am still undecided between the PS4 and Xbox One. I don't play a range of games, mainly fifa and a few racing games, but have no interest in shooters. I like the idea of Skype etc and greater range of apps on xbox one, but am not used to the ui and it seems overly complicated. The ps4 would be a far simpler system and one I am more comfortable with, but it seems to be very gaming centered and I might hope for more in a next gen console, particularly one I am paying almost £400 for.

One other thing, I enjoyed using the ps move with my ps3 and would hope to have something similar on next gen.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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I also would like the idea of appearing offline, as I had to use the glitches comment to often do so on ps3

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If you all you want to do is play fifa and racing games the x1 is the better choice.

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X1 it is. You seem like a casual who's more into the 'social' stuff, so yea X1 is a better choice for you.

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Racers that are't delayed. Skype, easy to use U.I. Everything you want is on the Microsoft Xbox One.

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I'd say the Xbox One since it has the Forza games. The UI isn't bad at all.

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If multiplats (like FIFA) and consoles are your thang, the PS4 does those better than the other two consoles. PC isn't a console and offers a performance boost, but you also get dreaded DRM.

When talking consoles, I own all three (WiiU/PS4/Xbone). My Xbone is for exclusives only. Whatever you choose, happy gaming.

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Hey TC, gotta have 500 posts to create a thread... but feel free to ask your question in the lounge thread above and one of the good people of system wars will help you.