SteamOs and Ps4 UI does it right

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lightning fast, clean, usefull, lightweight good job sony and valve you did what MS can't they made a power eating slow clusterfuck mess with their OS UI it's just a big big difference

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Not really. All other devices get more and more capable, it's a dumb thing to do to go opposite of that. Just because it's a gaming machine doesn't mean it should have everything else gutted for no good reason.

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Any UI which requires shouting to operate should never be considered as being good.

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Microsoft made all the worst decisions. Oops!

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X1 UI is an eye sore.

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I'd like to mention that I enjoy the Wii U's UI (using the touch screen is nice). But, there isn't much multimedia stuff to do on it, so it might become of lesser importance. But web browsing is very fast (and usable given the touch screen), and general navigating of eShop, Miiverse, etc. is nice too. It used to be really slow at loading menus, but it received an update that sped things up to a more tolerable level.

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I was surprised at how fast and responsive the PS4 ui really was when coming from the clunky mess that is the PS3s. Sony did a good job with the firmware and OS for once

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The xbox one ui is ok but it does seem to need some polish. I have a feeling in the coming years it will be even better where the ps4 ui will pretty much stay the same.

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Early days, more polish needed.

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What is the difference between the Xbox UI and my Laptop UI?

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130gb dedicated to the XBone OS and default apps. Typical Microsoft.

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I can navigate faster via voice than anyone using a ps4 or steam. Maybe you guys should try it before you start making proclamations. Lol also insecurity thread is insecure.

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@megaspiderweb09 said:

What is the difference between the Xbox UI and my Laptop UI?

assuming your laptop is windows 8, you can easily download a program to make it so that you never have to see the shitty Metro section of the UI ever again (just buy start 8 for like $5 or download a free equivalent)

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@XBOunity: you must be smoking something. "Xbox go home" or "push a button" cmon man dont kid youself.

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Because they were built and coded with proper vision unlike the other one that wants to do everything and do it all in a mediocre way, turns out to be half baked and laggy. Not to mention is only user friendly if you're using voice commands that are not 100% reliable.

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@Carbon_Le said:

@XBOunity: you must be smoking something. "Xbox go home" or "push a button" cmon man dont kid youself.

You picked the one command which has a dedicated button on the controller. Nice. Btw you can do the same thing on xbox too, just push a button to go home.

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Now that I have both, the PS4's UI is definitely prettier. XB1 wins hands down for being simple and functional.

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You sir are stupid

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The XBoner UI is one of the biggest fails in gaming UI history.

Pretty sad.

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The problem with Xbox one is there using windows 8 tiles system I mean do they not get windows 8 world best and seems to be for touch screen and not a non touch screen UI, that's where they keep going wrong

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I heard the friends list on PS4 is shit and the party system isn't all that good.

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I really like the Wii U UI