Sony tries to take an Assassination shot before Xbox launch.

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That's actually all Sony has been doing this year, beginning from the virulent stab at Xbox One policies to now. What's worse, they didn't actually have a plan, all the actions they had taken were done after slip-ups of Microsoft which Sony is hell bent on. Sony are desperate to stay afloat, resorting to most primitive forms of interaction - low blows - catering to the lowest common denominator. This is perfectly in line with their populist agenda which is propaganda-like and always had been. They are so vicious because they know they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Unfortunately, gaming isn't place where you'd be appreciated for being tactful. It's better to be an oaf than do nothing. What's funny, I've been thinking Microsoft should've taken advantage of PS4s weak launch lineup and do a series of commercials alluding to it - in the vein of "it only plays games", etc. Things like that make me never want to buy Sony products ever again.

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@Merex760 said:

Ehh, Microsoft can't be pissed by low blows when they have that Scroogled campaign going on.

"Is Google breaking wiretap lawswhen they read your Gmail?"

Lol how do they leave this after it has been proven they let nsa read everything and wiretap skype.

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Why settle for 1080p when you could play games at 1440p?

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No congratulations to Microsoft on the launch? Kinda sad that reciprocity to kindness isn't being applied here.