Sony: There is absolutely more to be unveiled for the PS4 launch window

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Gosh i can only imagine what else the behemoth has to show but honestly please just take my money i want killzone!!!!

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With the trash shown so far I'd be worried if they didn't.

killzone's a good launch title first time they'd had a killzone game at launch if it does launch with ps4 lol.
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id hope so since they haven't even shown the system or its price.

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Launch window. Like that's a thing you can say. Gah.
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No sh1t. It would be supremely stupid to show off everything before E3.
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I bet you Square going to show off Final Fantasy Versus running on the PS4..They did say to look forward to E3 ..It wouldnt make sense for them to be with MS when they announce at the PLAYSTATION MEETING that they are going to be showing another game at E3.Also  The Last Guardian will be a launch title for the PS4..

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just take my money i want killzone!!!!wehertn
-said no one, ever.
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[QUOTE="wehertn"]just take my money i want killzone!!!!StrongDeadlift
-said no one, ever.

My thoughts exactly.
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Knack is a launch title. That is all I'll need at the PS4 launch. I predict another god tier platformer from Cerny. Killzone will be the game everyone talks about as well as whatever other big bang bang bang games Sony announce for launch. But Knack will be the best game of the PS4 launch and the sleeper hit.