Sony Submits Trademark For Arc the Lad

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Fans of old PlayStation JRPGs will remember the name Arc the Lad well. It was a series of games released on both PlayStation and PlayStation 2, developed first by G-Craft (previously known for the Square game Front Mission), then by ARC Entertainment, and finally by Cattle Call.

The original Arc the Lad came to the original PlayStation in 1995 in Japan only. It was followed up by Arc the Lad II and III in 1996 and 1999 respectively. None of the games saw the light of day in the west until cult favorite (and now defunct) publisher Working Designs brought them over in a collection in 2002. Several spin-offs appeared thereafter; the final game in the core series came to PlayStation 2 in 2004 in the form of Arc the Lad: End of Darkness.

However, a new trademark filing (found by IGN reader StargamerX), submitted by Sony on Friday, November 22nd, indicates that Sony many be planning to bring the franchise back. The applicant on the filing is Sony Computer Entertainment’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.


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I hope this Means we see a game, not just a trademark renewed for prolonging its life.

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Find it hard to believe they'd bring this franchise back to life and not The Legend of the Dragoon.

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Good! Now bring back Alundra as well :D

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Find it hard to believe they'd bring this franchise back to life and not The Legend of the Dragoon.

Pretty much. Nice to see someone else remembers the glory days of PS1 RPGs.

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RPG? dont care

JRPG? care even less

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@Hoznary said:

Good! Now bring back Alundra as well :D

seriously, that game kicked zelda's ass in quite a few ways.

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Arc the Lad has always been a shitty series. I don't know why Sony doesn't listen to fans that has been asking for Wild Arms or Legend of Dragoon since a very long time. Every single Arc the Lad game has been a massive flop....

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Sony recently patenred a wearable computerized hairpiece. I know this is OT, but it's true and I wanted to type out 'wearable computerized hairpiece'.