Sony Announces New PS Vita Exclusive

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It's The Muppets Movie Adventure, announced exclusively for the PS Vita, by Sony. And people thought Sony had abandoned the Vita.


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How can anyone pass up the Vita now?

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Well, screw buying the 3DS now. :P

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Well, time to get a Vita.

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Thread flagged.

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My God I am happy I own a Vita, my 3DS just went out the window. Who would pass up this exclusive...

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Slap a coat of Nintendo paint and it'll pass for a Mario game.

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Just threw my 3DS in the trash!

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Good grief Charlie Brown!

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TC looking forward to Cooking Mama 5

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I find it impressive that the vita can actually handle ambient occlusion.

As for the game. Have fun, char.

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LMFAO. You got me @char

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@inb4uall said:

Thread flagged.

Lies. You can't flag a moderator.

And it looks like donkey kong.

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Looks like Donkey Kong Country Returns with Muppets.

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Already paid my pre order off in March

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My wife would play this. I wouldn't. She really likes the Muppets.

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I'm up for a Donkey Kong game.

Edit: Oh wow, I was beaten to it lol

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No, in all seriousness, this does actually look good, and assuming a release in the US (and a suitably cheap price) I would actually pick it up. Got a hankering for more platformers on the Vita now.

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The funny thing, is that this is exactly the type of game tc goes coocoo for cocoa puffs over. ;-)

You aint foolin anyone, charry.

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@charizard1605: LMAO!! WTF!! I know they said they weren't investing anymore money into "AAA" games for the PsVita, but this is ridiculous.

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Day. Freaking. One.

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God damn it Chaz.

I should've known.

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But it looks fun, serious.

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@yokofox33 said:

Looks like Donkey Kong Country Returns with Muppets.

Glad I'm not the only one who thought of DKCR looking at that.

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Just bought a vita.