Sony and Nintendo Are Going Down. They Really Are.

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Doom and gloom.

Doom and gloom.

Sony and Nintendo are going down, apparently. At least, that's what we're getting from SW. Both these companies are receiving a beatdown in this department. All day, every day.

Do you really believe that though? Are you convinced that they're not gonna pull through, or do you know that nothing drastic is gonna happen?

I'm just asking because, like I said, both companies are constantly being brought up as if they're going bankrupt. I just wanna know what people really think about this.

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System Wars is stupid, that's what. Like really stupid.

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maybe if you bought a Vita we wouldn't have to worry about Sony so much

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I'd be very surprised if either company did but Sony is in pretty crappy shape lately. Nintendo is taking a knock sure, but they still have plenty of money and I can't see them every being beaten in the handheld market.

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Difference is that SW wants Nintendo down while Sony is actually in the red

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@mrintro said:

maybe if you bought a Vita we wouldn't have to worry about Sony so much

I will if Sony acknowledges its existence.

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They'll both be around for a long time.

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Oh! I thought you meant that they were going down on each other. /end sarcasim

Yes, that's how stupid system wars is.

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Yes because System Wars is known for its reliable investigative journalism and its mature upstanding community.

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@freedomfreak: System Wars? a bunch of teens that don't understand business seem to think that lost profits = the end.


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I enjoyed this topic more when I first saw it in 2006...

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@mrintro said:

maybe if you bought a Vita we wouldn't have to worry about Sony so much

or an Xperia Play, or a 3D TV, or 3D Bluray Players, or Vaios.....

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Yes, yes, yes. I know System Wars is System Wars, and all that nonsense. I'm just asking what you guys think of the situation.

This thread is for people that feel like giving their input, or what they think is gonna happen. Or whether they believe this whole ordeal is overblown or not.

It's really not that hard.

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There's already plenty of topics to discuss things like this and no is the easy answer.