So we're not going to talk about Halo on Steam?

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Pc gamers are use to higher quality FPS. For men.

Indeed my friend, we have high standard in FPS games so Halo was and still is Mediocre game.

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Halo is one franchise xbox can keep

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Halo 1 and 2 are already on PC, they just need a proper steam release. Pretty sure they will make it there eventually. Can't say the same about the rest of them though.

It's a shame Games for Windows was so crap. I don't see MS ever putting their biggest and best games on Steam but I could so them having Xbox/PC releases on their own store system. Be cool to get Halo 5 on PC :P

You must mean Games for Windows Live, not Games for Windows. GFW is fine. GFWL is one steaming pile. Because of it, I can't get Bulletstorm to work now. Good thing it's the only GFWL game I have.

Yup that's what I meant, my apologies :)

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Totalbiscuit did a review of the game and said it's a good game especially for $5 bucks. Only sucks that there is no co-op

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Those Halo official groups have been there for over a year now.