So... how would you rank the Pokemon games?

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Since X and Y have been out for an appreciable period of time now, and since I assume (hope) that the new game shine has worn off, I believe it is time to rank all the Pokemon games now in the premier handheld gaming franchise.

Here's my ranking (I am including the remakes, but not the original games):

1. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Had the best regions, the best atmosphere, the best Pokedex which made it possible to obtain almost every single Pokemon in game legitimately, a fun plot line that expanded on the original, a staggering amount of things to do, the best interface, the best soundtrack in the series and an incredible post game. Basically, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver remain the pinnacle and the ultimate realization of the series yet.

2. Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen

The most free form, open world Pokemon adventure yet; light on story, but it was your tale, your narrative. Memorable characters, great Pokemon selection, and a really nice post game, coupled with some of the best pacing in the series. The music was butchered from the originals, but on the whole, FireRed and LeafGreen took the simplest Pokemon design and made it even more focused.

3. Pokemon X/Y

The step to 3D was immaculate, and breathed new life into the series, making Kalos a beautiful region; the battles looked great, the music, especially in the second half, was masterful, the online functionality was probably the best seen yet in a handheld game, the concessions made to making competitive battling less arcane made it a much better game, the new Pokemon introduced were uniformly great, the Pokemon selection in game was second only to HeartGold/SoulSilver, the new type matchup chart reinvigorated the battles, and the trimming away of the fat was great. A lack of post game, along with a story that was a definite step down from Black/White, and a low number of new Pokemon are the low points of an otherwise incredible Pokemon game.

4. Pokemon Black/White

A proto Pokemon X/Y, the emphasis on presentation and storytelling was something fresh for the franchise. The experimentation was 3D breathed new life into a series that was otherwise stagnating, along with the more dynamic battle screens. The story was great and thought provoking, the music was expectedly awesome, and the fact that there were all new Pokemon was great. They trimmed away the fat, took the first steps towards X and Y's persistent online connectivity with the C-Gear, and even simplified overworld exploration by taking away the HMs. A very poor postgame, linear overworld, and some really poor Pokemon designs were its key worst points,

5. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Sinnoh was massive, mysterious, and probably the best region in the series yet. The lore the games introduced to the series, along with the legendary Pokemon, were great. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum didn't introduce all that much to the series, choosing instead to refine on Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, but they did offer an incredible, if traditional, Pokemon adventure, with a great soundtrack to accompany players, and an incredible atmosphere. They also introduced online to the series, and had a great post game. Poor selection of Pokemon in game, coupled with a really lame story, some pacing issues, and a game that ran excruciatingly slow, mar the overall experience though.

6. Pokemon Black 2/White 2

Black 2/White 2 had an incredible amount of content- the main game itself was a good fifty or so hours, but it was the incredible post game where the games shined, with the Pokemon World Tournament, especially, being the highlight. Great Pokemon selection and a great soundtrack make these worth the price of admission, although overall, the campaign is poorly paced, the story is almost comical after Black/White, and the games just suffered from a heavy case of franchise fatigue.

7. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

Look, these were great games. They introduced to much to the series- EVs, IVs. Natures, Abilities, Hidden Bases, Weather, Pokemon Contests, Double Battles, and the new engine on which all future Pokemon games would be built. But they simply don't hold up to the rest of the series. The new Pokemon introduced were great, Hoenn was a great, exotic region, and these were the first Pokemon games to try and tell a story. The soundtrack was great too. But they broke compatibility with the previous games, stripped down some great features like day and night, featured a paltry post game, had a broken leveling curve, had the worst pacing issues in the series, and in general felt like a step down from Pokemon Gold and Silver. They were fun to play because they were Pokemon, but ultimately, they were the worst in the series.

So how would you rank the Pokemon games, and why?

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1. HG/SS (GS)

2. BW

3. XY

4. FR/LG (RBY)

5. B2W2

6. DPP

7. RSE

Might write up my reasoning another time.

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Of the ones I've played:

1) FireRed/LeafGreen - A very needed update to the original

2) Diamond/Pearl

3) Gold/Silver - So many things to do

4) Red/Blue - Best Pokemon designs, but the dated graphics make it hard to appreciate them

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2. B2W2

3. BW

4. FR/LG

5. X/Y

6. R/S

Haven't played Emerald or Dp/Pe/Pt

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I don't.... I don't rank them

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1.Pokemon Red/Blue

2.Other pokemon games.

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  1. HGSS
  2. B2W2
  3. XY
  4. BW
  5. FR/LG
  6. RBY
  7. DPPt

Never did play 3rd gen. And I've only beaten HGSS, BW, B2W2, XY.

Curse 4th gen. Tried multiple times to get into Pearl and Platinum and was never having fun.

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heard gold soul silver >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> xy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest

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Pokemon gets better with every iteration. I don't play these games for the adventure. I play them for the team building aspects and strategy which deepens and improves with each new installment

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1. Gold/Silver

2. Red/Blue/Yellow

3. The rest have been meh.

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I'm on my third play through of X and Y and really enjoying them. The atmosphere of Kalos is a huge step up from the soulless Unova and Sinnoh regions. Some of the new Pokemon are awful but Heliosk, Pangaro, Noivern, Greninja, Goodra are all classics compared to gen v where I only really liked Krookodile.

HG / SS is still my favourite though for basically bringing back two games form my childhood. I loved hearing songs that I'd completely forgotten over the years.

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1. HeartGold/SoulSilver (without competition)

2. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (best soundtrack award)

3. Red/Blue/Yellow/LeafGreen/FireRed (Original)

4. Black/White (best story award)

5. X/Y (best online gameplay award)

6. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (biggest mechanical/technical leap award)

Haven't played b2/w2

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1. Pokemon Yellow

That was the only one I played and it was enough.

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tough to say for me, as my experiences with them were affected by when I played them. after RB, I didn't play any of them until DPP; So I loved DP since I had just rediscovered Pokemon. Shortly after, I got HGSS, which was good, but I guess I played it too soon after DPP, so I was all pokemoned out. plus, I hadn't played GS, so I didn't have any nostalgia trips - so I didn't like it as much despite most people having it as their #1 game in the series. Then I got BW, which was ok, nothing special, skipped BW2, and got XY which I really like.

So, based on my experience with them, I guess I'd rank them:

  1. DP
  2. RB
  3. XY
  4. HGSS
  5. BW
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  1. Pokemon Soul Silver - Best Region, Best 2nd Adventure, Best Gym Battles, Best Pokemon Game.
  2. Pokemon White - Best Story
  3. Pokemon Y - Best Trading, Best Online.
  4. Pokemon Pearl
  5. Pokemon Sapphire
  6. Pokemon Red

That's how I rank them.

(haven't played White 2 yet. Didn't bother listing the "other side" versions because same game little change. Didn't list original Silver because Soul Silver. Didn't list Fire Red because I don't have Fire Red.)

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Digimon Digital Revolution. Which had its mechanics stolen by your number 3, number 4 and your number 6.

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Gen 2 (specifically hgss) in terms of content

XY in terms of online

gen 5 in terms of story and characters

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1. XY
2. RSE
3. BW2
4. Platinum
5. BW
6. DP

I don't get the love for HGSS. Johto is the worst region, the Pokedex is limited and the level pacing is a huge negative.