So, both my consoles took a crap..

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Anyone else have this luck? Within 24 hours both consoles took a crap. They both sit right next to each other too... Sony and Xbox giving me a replacement though!!

Just thought I'd share this useless post.

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Did you happen to break any mirrors, cross paths with a black cat, or walk under a ladder by any chance?

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Should have gotten a Wii U. :) Nintendo's hardware is built to last.

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Should have built a PC.

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Just out of curiosity, Which issues did you get with them?

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nice blog

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I won't even quote you apparently you are nothing but luck.

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All this make me feel i better that i cancelled my pre-order, 2014 is the best time to buy.

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@Vampfox: built to last in the past...

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Picture or didn't happen.

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This is why I avoid launch consoles like the plague.

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@Hammerdinz said:

Just thought I'd share this useless post.

Would have been more useful as your blog ;)