Shulk for SSB4 trailer

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My most wanted newcomer is finally here!

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Fake as hell, looks like some cheap Brawl mod

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Fake as hell, looks like some cheap Brawl mod

Did you see how fast he was? They clearly used the Bunny Hood and hide it!

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Not sure why they haven't made a Marth/Roy action game yet.

Get on U'den Flameworks and Hideki Kamiya and you'll have a a winner.

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dull as watching paint dry shulk all right.

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Yes! Shulk without the egg painted face. Hope we have JPN voice choice for EU/AU version. :)

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Can feminists complain now?

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Can feminists complain now?

of course they can lol.

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Can feminists complain now?

Cause they will, feminists will just ignore this & keep pointing out that Samus is being sexualised with the 2 piece gym suit. :P

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Fake as hell, looks like some cheap Brawl mod

Wow, you're a fucking moron. Click the actual link and you can see that it's from Nintendo itself so you can just stop being a complete idiot now. Posters like you are completely dragging down this board and I totally know you were joking.

He does look a bit slow.

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Looks like he controls extremely well, something I'd enjoy playing. But so many people are going to be using him! Same thing happened in Melee with Marth; I like how he controls and plays but he ended up being a top-tier character and many others played him as well.

At least there are a lot of characters to play around with and see what I like. Shulk, Marth, Greninja, Palutena, Rosalina & Luma, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer all are characters I could see myself enjoying. Mainly I play with Marth, Jigglypuff or Game&Watch, though I also messed around with Sonic and Snake and have just recently been trying out Yoshi in Melee. Also played a lot with Link back in the day, but after I unlocked Marth my time with Link deteriorated.

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His voice is annoying!.

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I liked it. He seems to have some cool abilities.