Should I buy a PS4?

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Should I buy a PS4? I have an Xbox One, and I'm collecting money to save it for a PS4, currently have $250. I was going to buy in the summer, and keep my Xbox One also, instead of selling it. Or should I wait a couple of years until the slim versions and more upgrades come to it? I'd probably have $1000 by June since my BDay is in May. Thanks for the tips and stuff, all are appreciated!

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PS4 is more powerful than an Xbox One. Between the two consoles, I prefer/recommend the PS4 (I have one, actually).

Why don't you try building a PC instead?

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well if you are interisted in any of the exclusives for it, like infamous second son knack and killzone shadow fall, and indie games , then ,, -id say why not , if you get the money, you only need 470 more at least -- enough for the console and one game,

since you probably have 1000 thats more then enough , heck thats enough for a wiiu and a ps4 lol ,

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