Sequels/spiritual that still very much require kickstart?

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My friends these two titles come to mind. But what else? What else? What else?

What else?

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Dunno if this ocunts though since this game has an incoming spiritual successor already (from Kickstarter).

Because it is clear the developers and publisher wanted to make a watered down WoW instead a proper sequel to one of the best RPGs of last gen.

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kingpin is a pretty awesome game.

i'm not really sure what else.

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this game

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@uninspiredcup said:

My friends

Something something my friends something uninspiredcup thread

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We're not your friends TC. Don't know why you think we are.

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this game

Oh yes. Rather surprised this hasn't happened yet. Who owns the rights? Are the people who made it still alive? No doubt it would reach a high possibly reach a record amount of money.

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well, the next Dreamfall sequel I believe was announced to have got its funding on Kickstarter