Ryse: Son of Rome getting Rave reviews from Amazon Customers

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E3 really tainted the game. But I agree, a 4 should be reserved for broken games. Knack and Ryse deserve better.

Not even Gameinformer would score as low as 4 and the said dialing a phone number was more fun.

The reviewers for Knack and Ryse should be talked to and written up for such horrible reviews and doung a deservice to gamers.


Actually, I think they were both reviewed by McShea, hence why they got such low scores. I think if either were reviewed by anyone else, they would have maybe got 6 each?

If a game is not fun to play, then it's simply not fun to play. The amount of money poured into making it look 'shiny' doesn't automatically warrant a good review.

That is true. But I have seen videos of people playing Knack, and nearly every time, they look like they're having fun playing it, especially when they play it in coop.

I'm not saying the games are good, but maybe better than a 4/10?

I can't say properly, as I have not played either, but it seems that quite a few people who own either end up actually having fun with the games.

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Stockholm syndrome

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I've not been listening to Gamespot reviews for a while(whether high or low score). I got 6 launch games on day 1 for my X1, and Ryse is the one I have played the most this weekend, I just keep coming back to it.

The graphics are spectacular, and the game is also a lot of fun online and is addictive. There is no other game like it on the market, and while the gameplay may be simple, it's super responsive... it's more like an arcade game. It may not be game of the year material in that sense, it does not try to innovate or revolutionize the formula, it just provides a fun simple blockbuster experience unlike any game I played in recent memory, and it does it very well.

However, I don't look at the Gamespot review as being biased. It could be, but the way I look at it it's just the opinion of 1 man, and he didn't like the game at all......just listen to his video review, I think he was being generous with a 4 lol .......I couldn't care less even if he gave it a zero, it's his opinion. I just learned not to base my decisions on 1 opinion, and I'm so glad I didn't for this game.

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LOL, Amazon reviews.

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LOL, Amazon reviews.

Fair enough, but what do you think of Metacritic? Of 42 critics reviews, Gamespot is the 2nd lowest one. For me that was a red flag, good thing I did a bit more research before writing off the game.

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I thought that this game was going to be mediocre but this game is an Amazing game with great roman story, with great combat very similar to the batman arkham series games.

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It probably frome Lems who really like to play God of War 3 but never had a chance

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I don't understand why people can't accept that it is a good game "if" you understand what type of game your getting. As i've said in other post it's part Batman, part Golden Axe, and part God of War. You can say it's not deep, but it does take a bit of patience and know how when you're fighting 10 enemies at the same time and there's 5 different types of attacks coming at you. I've now solved the game and honestly 7.75 to an 8 from me. That said, I actually enjoyed solving it more than most games I've solved recently that got a hell of a lot higher critic reviews (think 8.5 to 9's.)

I'm going to go out on a limb and saying that a lot of the people bashing it have not actually played it for any amount of time. I'm not so blinded by fanboism that I feel the need to defend this game, I feel like defending this game because it's a good game that's getting undeserved criticism. It is what it is, and that's a good game. By the way the last "hallway" was awesome.