RPG: An Introduction to the Occult to Steal your Soul

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And I don't know but the guy seems totally serious. He kind of reminds me to my father that used to say that video games would turn me into a psychopath.

thanks Gaf

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Someone cast confusion.

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Uhm... That totally happened me.... Why do you think I hate them so much... Duh !

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Instruction manual???? Man, the past had it all.

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Anyone know who this poor sod is? I'd love to see what he is doing nowdays.

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Oh Nintendo how you've been fooling us all this time, pretending to be kid and family friendly, but all along you have been feeding us with dark energy trying to make us part of your occult , thank the heavens sony came down and set us gamers on the straight path.... So does this mean that Microsoft is the anti Christ...?

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Better Call Saul!

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Dat evil majick

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Ahhhhhh, the 80's.

I remember my mom had the same reservations when I started to play D&D, but she hardly gave a shit about what video games I was playing.

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holy crud, that must explain why RPGs are my favorite genre :o being Lucifer and all -.-

I often find it amuzing that people from a religion with a groundpiller in tolerance, can give birth to such intolerant lunatics, too scared of the future to make calm logical reasonings.

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Ahh, I remember when people were calling Pokemon of all games demonic.

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@Shottayouth13- said:

Ahh, I remember when people were calling Pokemon of all games demonic.

Insert interesting back story and lore surrounding Lavender town in the game. Suddenly it's too complex for a game marketed towards children.

It's always, always been this way. If it's not straightforward or black and white, or causes you to think past it's initial premise it's aligned with evil.

That music is seriously freaky however, I'll give them that. Very well designed.