remember the good old days of being excited for a new halo?

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im talking the launch of halo 2, the viddoc videos of halo 3. those were great multiplayer games that the piss-station 4 could never make. im not over exaggerating either, halo is shit now but the old halo days were on the same level as the diablo 2 days. gaming at its finest bro

halo 2 big TEAM BATTLE. 8 vs 8 ON THAT 1 - 50 RANK SYSTEM. CAPTURE THE FLAG. THAT WAS SOME INTENSE COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY. It wasnt just a call of duty join a match, lets see how many kills I can get while I play recklessly without any strategy. It took some serious planning to capture that flag or plant the bomb. especially on CONTAINMENT. Jesus christ remember trying to SNEAK into containment? most matches ended in a tie but there were unique strategies to actually sneak inside and plant the bomb that me and my brother knew.

we used to have people send a diversion warthog on the left side of the map while the bomb and 3 guys walk down the tunnel on the right side on a foot mission, WHAT A FUCKING JESUS CHRIST MASTERPIECE that you sony noobs never got to witness.

do u know how GREAT it feels to win a big team battle game with 7 other guys and rank up while the other tryhard team gets down ranked? IT FEELS GREAT!!!

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Yeah, man.


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I still look forward to Halo games, its still a very good series.

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Never was excited for a mediocre game such as Halo

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I'm still looking forward to Halo 5 as well. Had lots of fun with Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

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theres a chance Halo 5 will go back to the halo 3 roots so Im looking the FUCK forward to this halo. They for sure 100% will put the 1 - 50 rank system back in since they just put a mediocre one back in halo 4. this is gonna be the game boys, xbox one here we go!

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I still look forward to Halo. Its a nice change of pace from all the ADS FPS games that feel the same

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I still look forward to Halo games, its still a very good series.

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I do especially Halo 2. Not many if any games gave excited me as much.

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Yeah I remember that.

Smash Bros was also delayed constantly during those days.

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Halo 1 and 2 were the best times.

Bungie like said fuck it, Microsoft holding us hostage and gave it to some shitty company.

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No because I have never been excited for a Halo. I actually have never really understood the hype for the game in the first place.

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after halo 2 I did'nt they made too much on the 360

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Yep. That's the only reason why I ever bought Crackdown. Funny enough, I had a lot of fun with that game.

All went downhill and into a pit of shit with Reach though. 4? Well the story in campaign was nice for somebody who has read all he books. there's that

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I thank thee, dear god, that I am a kid at heart and still love halo. And thank you Tao, I am almost home in NYC.

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I miss it! I hate the built power ups the most. halo was always een about 100% even fight when the match starts.

I heard rumor quite long time ago that they was going to return halo back to the halo 2/3 feeling.

halo 4 was first halo game made as a team so I hope they paid attention to the issues

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No. I enjoy the hell out of them, but I don't cream myself at an announcement, or release.

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Biggest video game franchise in the world.

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I was excited for Halo 4 because I felt 343 was ambitious but it turned out they just went the COD route.

I played Halo 3 up until Reach came out, I played Reach until 4 came out, I played 4 for about 3 weeks before putting it down.

Hopefully 343 goes back to Halo's roots so I can play it for years like I did 3 and Reach.

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Remember the good old days of good threads?

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Remember the good old days of good threads?

Biggest video game franchise in the world.

Mario's bigger

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halo died for me after odst......

and reach was abysmal and not much needs to be said about h4.....

if halo 5 does style it self after 2 and 3. it will be good,

halo is one of those games where you don't fuck with the formula,

and they have done just that 3 times now

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when Bungie quit I lost all hope, 343 didn't do a good job on the CE Anniversary or Halo 4, the series is in decline without Bungie

oh well at least there's destiny

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Yes and no

Yes. Because the MP was usually a lot of fun

No. Because what followed that excitement was Bungie's consistent ability to deliver disappointment when it came to their campaigns.

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no , i never was.

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I still look forward to Halo games, its still an epically crafted series.

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lol yah i was like 11 years old

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Yep, I remember a year and a half ago. Halo is fun, that's all I ask of it.