REmake's remaster looks extremely underwhelming

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I've said so since they announced it.

It's basically the gamecube version running at a higher resolution.

But instead of rendering the game at that 16:9 resolution and offering extra screen space, you instead get a cropped image and actually see less.

In other words the laziest trick in the book.

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@LegatoSkyheart: You mean the game that would have sold as poorly as other Megaman games? Yeah, totally.

If they ever get around to releasing MML3 in the future, it'll sell more entirely because of the whole canceling fiasco.

@R4gn4r0k: The backgrounds aren't rendered in real time. They're still images, so they can't just make them naturally widescreen. The game is essentially character models running around a black abyss with an image of a room put behind them.

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@Salt_The_Fries said:

I think it's the laziest port job one could ever do.

You should see Capcom's port job of Resident Evil 2 & 3 on Gamecube. Now, those are lazy efforts.

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I've waited 12 years to play this game on a PlayStation. A simple port is fine by me. It's still my favorite in the series.

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I wouldn't be surprised if in the future capcom releases REmake Remastered Definitive Edition 4k or something to that degree.

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@Salt_The_Fries said:

Does anyone else share the same sentiment? I've seen several videos showing the game in action and I can barely notice any improvements over the original GameCube version from 13 years ago. I think it's the laziest port job one could ever do. But then again, going by Capcom's track records, maybe that wasn't so unexpected, was it?

I think that the only good thing about this remaster is that people who hadn't owned GameCube will get to play this masterpiece.

Your topic title makes it seems you're talking about remakes/remaster as a whole but your only talked about Resident Evil?

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@Bikouchu35 said:

I wouldn't be surprised if in the future capcom releases REmake Remastered Definitive Edition 4k or something to that degree.

That'll probably be Resident Evil 4

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still gonna get it. the best resident evil game in HD with trophies? i'm in!

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It's definitely sharper looking, supports HD output, and is available on something other that a Nintendo GameCube or Wii. That's reason enough. If you don't like it, get it for the GameCube where new copies go for like $100, or the Wii where new copies go for less, but it's gonna have that pixelated and stretched 480p look. Or, just play the Director's Cut on PSN.

I myself never owned a GameCube, but when I got a Wii I started scooping up GameCube games while I could, got games like Metroid Prime and Luigi's Mansion cheap as did the RE games. I'm content playing the version I have for now. But, if something should ever happen that wouldn't allow me to play them, I'm glad I'll still have access to them. This will be good for people who never got to try it yet, or others who might have played the older versions and would like to revisit it.

I mean, seriously, what do people expect? If they say wanted to really remake it, they'd abandon the old 3D characters on 2D backdrops style gameplay of the old games, go to an over the shoulder game with moving while shooting, strafing, and give a full 3D experience like they did for the RE5 DLC. They'd then have to totally script the game differently to accommodate for enhanced gameplay mechanics, meaning more zombies, more aggressive zombies, more ammo, more action... and those are all things that survival horror purists Nazis would shit blood at seeing. They'd have to add online co-op. They'd have to voice act the thing differently, re-write the script. Again, purists Nazis of nostalgia will rage over the Internet if this happens.

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It never occurs to them that what they want is actually impossible.

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Day 1

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Why didn't they just remake the backgrounds in real time? These consoles could handle it. The fact that those backgrounds will just be 480p upscaled with a sharpening filter applied makes this a no buy for me.

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@vickissv2 said:

Everybody knows you could have been played this game in 1080p for years on a PC with Dolphin and a 360 controller!

The prerendered backgrounds still look like crap though.

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@uninspiredcup said:

PC gamers have only been stuck with lesser titles, for them, this is a new experience. They are no doubt thankful (as with most modern games) that console publishers are giving them the privileged to enjoy such a product.

Aha, that's interesting, now if you could kindly tell me where I'm supposed to sleep?

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To all the people questioning my intentions - I don't refer to all remasters but this specific one. The character models use the same old assets so bumping the resolution up doesn't make them any prettier. Pre-rendered backgrounds also seem identical. The videos hitherto published seemed identical to GameCube graphics quality. What's more scaling up 480p backgrounds to 1080p could potentially make the game look worse.

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It's Capcom. What did you expect?

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Remakes done properly r always welcome in my book.

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@emgesp said:


Yes, for the backgrounds they are using a sharpening filter. They didn't boost the resolution of the backgrounds, only the 3D models got a resolution boost. Capcom just wanted to be lazy and make a quick "remaster". This could have looked much better if they found those original assets, or better yet just completely remake those backgrounds in real time.

Wow. That's pretty damn impressive for some poxy filter. I wish the PC releases of Final Fantasy 7/8 had the same kind of thing done to them.