Rayman Legends: What to get it for

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I was wondering if I'd be better off getting it for Wii U or PS4.

I have a lot more controllers on Wii U, but I was wondering if there would be a big performance/graphical difference on PS4.

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ommmmmmmmmm..I did play a good game ... but I think too much for xbox360

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I would get it on Vita to be honest

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Wii U.

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@finalstar2007: I agree with You on the Vita version. The OLED makes the visuals pop. But, if the OP wants a console version. I Would get the Wii U version.

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I debating on getting it for the vita or ps4.

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Wii U.It's what the game was designed for.

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Rayman Legends looks roughly the same no matter what system you play it on. If you have a Wii U, though, get it for that.

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I would get it on Vita to be honest

erm.. how about no.. the murphy levels on the vita are a pain.. i have it both on vita and the ps3 and imo the ps3 is better

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@finalstar2007: I have Origins on Vita from psplus and it was good. Didn't one or both of those have less levels on Vita? Also, I was wondering if it would be better for multiplayer on a console. I figure since I'm still working through Origins on my Vita that, that might as well be my portable Rayman experience and then I could have Legends possibly as a local multiplayer experience sometimes.

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Apparently the Wii U version is the best. I would go with that if given the choice.

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Wii U, have you played the Demo on it? It was awesome. Need to get it soon too, since the price dropped here.

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Yup. WiiU sounds like a good choice.

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I'll get it on my Wii U when it's $20 beans.

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Oh good god.

TC. No. Don't listen to any of these people. Get it on anything but a touch driven system.

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Are you going to play it mostly Co-Op? Would you mind automated platforming segments where you control environmental factors and not the character?

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If what I've seen is true.

Then you can really go no wrong on either version.

Want an Xbone copy? get an Xbone copy. PC fancy you? Go ahead buy it. Want to experience it on WiiU? Get it for WiiU. Don't wanna get it for a new system? then go ahead and buy it on PS3 or 360.

There is no wrong way, to play Rayman Legends.

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Its really made for the Wii U, while all the other verisons are ports.

Wii U.

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