Ravens Cry new Screenshots, coming 2014.

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Ravens Cry, if people remember it before it got delayed, is a Pirate themes action adventure game made by the makers of hits TW and TW2, and yes, it involves sailing combat. Here are the new screenshots, 1080p:





Except for that tree in the third pic, it looks pretty good. I don't mind the delay if it will be good and more playable than the fiirst TW.

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It looks like a mod for the Witcher 2, is this a real game?

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@AM-Gamer said:

It looks like a mod for the Witcher 2, is this a real game?


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So last gen it was zombies.. new gen is pirates? !__! these fads... on topic.. it looks pretty.

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They make decent/good RPGs. Keeping my eye on this.