Rank your favorite Resident Evil games

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In wake of Resident Evil REmake HD news - rank your favorite Resident Evil games (ones you've played).

Mine -

Resident Evil REmake (Gamecube)
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 3

You, SW?

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Revelations was much better than either iOS Resi Evil or that other stupid Resi Evil on 3DS I bought because Charetard told me to.

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i played 3 lots and lots.

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Of the ones I've played.

  1. Resident Evil 4
  2. Resident Evil 2
  3. Resident Evil (Gamecube)
  4. Resident Evil Revelations
  5. Resident Evil 5
  6. Resident Evil Zero

I have all the Main Line games...but I have yet to play Resident Evil 6 and I barely started Resident Evil 3 and Code Veronica and I won't actually start playing them until I beat Resident Evil 2. For the Record the only Resident Evil I have ever beaten was Revelations which was on the 3DS.

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No love for Code Veronica? It's probably in my top three RE games, right behind RE Remake and RE 2.

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  1. RE2
  2. RE4
  3. RE Outbreak 1
  4. RE1 remake
  5. RE Revelations
  6. RE6

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  1. Resident Evil: Code Veronica
  2. Resident Evil / REmake
  3. Resident Evil 3
  4. Resident Evil 2
  5. Resident Evil 4
  6. Resident Evil 5
  7. Resident Evil 0
  8. Resident Evil Revelations
  9. Resident Evil 6
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Operation Raccoon City


All are awesome.

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  1. Code Veronica
  2. REmake
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. Revelations
  6. 4
  7. 5
  8. 6
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  • 2
  • Code Veronica
  • 3
  • 1

About the others I rather think they don't exist.

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3.RE revelations






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1 - Resident Evil REmake

2 - Resident Evil

3- Resident Evil; 3 Nemesis

4 - Resident Evil 2

5 - Resident Evil 0

6 - Resident Evil Code Veronica X

Any other Resident Evil games strayed to far from Survival horror for me to like them. Resident Evil 4 onward s was the beginning of the series becoming an action franchise. The beginning of the end for me

Then you had experimental games like Outbreak and Dead Aim which were not very good.

I love Resident Evil, but Capcom turned the franchise into a completely different genre of game, one I have little interest in.

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Resident Evil 4 was the only one that I liked.

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All of them. Although 4 is overhyped

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1. RE(PS1..never played the GC one)

2. RE Nemesis

3. RE 2

4. RE 4

5. Code Veronica

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1. RE: Code Veronica X
2. REMake
3. RE Zero
4. RE 4
5. RE 2

I also really enjoy RE 5 because of it's co-op element.

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From what I have played,,,

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 2

--These two are far and above the best in the series IMO.

3. Resident Evil Code Veronica.


After Code Veronica the series starting going down hill.

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Resident Evil 4(probably the best game of all time) > Resident Evil Remake > Resident Evil 2 > Resident Evil: Revelations > Resident Evil 3 > Resident Evil 5 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest

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Looks like I need to replay RE2. When I originally played it I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know how to play "survival horror" until well after that. I have replayed 1 and loved it since then. I liked 4 and Code Veronica. Maybe I need to hit the retro shop and pick up 2.

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RE Remake (GC)




RE Outbreak 1 and 2






RE Rev


RE Survivor

RE Gaiden

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RE2 because its the only one I've actually beaten without getting bored. RE4 is a close second because I almost finished it before getting bored.

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5 and 6 were not resident evil games.

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  1. Resident Evil 4
  2. Resident Evil Remake

The rest are a mixture of solid enough (RE 5 for the coop, 2 for some of the encounter design, 1 for the amazing voice acting) or hot garbage (Nemesis, Code Vernoica, that shit stain Resident Evil 6). Haven't played Revelations, Outbreak was a cool concept they needed to expand upon, and Resident Evil Zero is butthole cancer. The top two are actually worth playing because they are effective good action games (great in the case of RE4) with tense atmosphere, and in remakes case the survival elements give the action an added flair. They are not clunky and sluggish like their predecessors, or mind numbing like 5 and 6. As far as the franchise as a horror series? it was thoroughly out classed by superior horror games in its era, and it most definitely is now. It was and always has been an action series with a horror aesthetic. That's all it's ever been.

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I could never get into the RE series. The controls and I didn't get along.

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Not played all of them:

1. REmake

2. 1

3. Revelations

4. 2

5. Code Veronica

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I don't have much time now, but Kamiya's RE2 was my favorite for a very long time, and only Mikami's RE4 could compete.

Before RE2 though, I loved RE1 (PS1) and later enjoyed REmake (GC). RE1 I favor over REmake for being the original, but I love both. RE1 got the survival horror started in a big way, so I give that credit to it. Plus, playing REmake AFTER RE1 totally adds to the experience. RE: Code Veronica/RE:CVX (DC/PS2) falls in line with RE3 (PS1). Then RE5, RE0, and RE6.

  1. RE2
  2. RE4 (very close second)
  3. RE1
  4. REmake
  5. RE: CVX = RE3 (Tie)
  6. RE5
  7. RE0
  8. RE6

I'll stop there as I played most if not every RE offshoot released (Survivor, Outbreak 1/2, Dead Aim, Gaiden, Revelations, etc) in the west but those are my mains and favorites of the series. Sometimes I rank RE3 over RE:CVX.

Funny thing, I recently replayed in these last summer months RE1, RE2, RE3, RE:CVX HD, and I'm working on RE4 HD. I was going to do REmake after, but now I'm waiting for the Capcom remaster. I will pull out the Cube for RE0 though. I was playing with some friends that never played the games and it's been a blast replaying them together.

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Out of all the ones I played.

Resi 1

Resi 1 remake

Resi 2

Resi 4

Resi 3

Resi 6

Resi 5

Resi revelations although not finished it yet.

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Code Veronica