Q: where you get your PC games??

Posted by blamix99 (1678 posts) 4 months, 8 days ago

Poll: Q: where you get your PC games?? (41 votes)

Gamestop/Game/Gamestation 7%
Steam 73%
Amazon 2%
Ebay 0%
thepiratebay/kickass.to LOL 10%
other 7%

i only got a few games on my PC, most of them are FPS and classic rpg's using emulators. which site or retail you guys get yours?

#1 Posted by Basinboy (11056 posts) -

Steam, GreenManGaming, Amazon, Get Games, Humble Bundle, GOG

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Mostly Steam, I've only bought 1 game from GMG, if Blizzard releases a game I usually buy a hard copy from a store like Walmart or Gamestop.

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Usually, I buy PC games on Steam. Other than that, humble indie bundles. The most recent PC disc game I got was Skyrim from GameStop around October last year.

#4 Posted by lostrib (34428 posts) -

Steam/Amazon/GMG for the most part

All DD

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Steam and I have a few from Origin(BF3, Dead Space).

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Steam, Greenmangaming, amazon.

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Steam, Amazon and Origin

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Steam, JB Hi Fi & EB games.

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Steam, Amazon, Green man Gaming, Humble Bundle, Origin, and GOG. They all have their own sales, and I almost never buy games that aren't at least 50% off.

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Steam only for me

#11 Posted by airshocker (29037 posts) -

Mostly Steam.

#12 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (3694 posts) -

In order of what I use most to buy PC games...

  1. Steam
  2. GMG
  3. Amazon
  4. Origin... When I am forced to.

#13 Posted by finalstar2007 (24948 posts) -

I only own like a few games that i got from steam ( gifted to me ) and counter strike which i got using the 5th option just playing with bots.

#14 Posted by johnd13 (7986 posts) -

When I want a physical copy I go to one of the local stores(we don't have Gamestop or other US fancy ones here). Otherwise, I use steam, mostly I wait for price drops and then get amazing games extremely cheap.

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Mostly Steam, greenmangaming , gamersgate and Gog

From time to time for origin,uplay and getgames as well

I also got a few games from sites that sell cd-keys ( though with the discounts of the aforementioned sites i see little reason besides buying new games to use cd-keys sites )

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Steam and GOG . Classic games had never been so easy to get , thanks to GOG . Right now I'm playing Thief trilogy , downloaded it through GOG , comes with patches and everything which makes it compatible with latest PC hardware and enables 1080p resolution + enhanced sound effects .

#17 Posted by IgGy621985 (4627 posts) -

Steam, Kinguin, Amazon, GMG. For boxed games, Zavvi, if you're from EU that is.

#18 Posted by osan0 (12627 posts) -

im old fashioned. I still buy PC games on disc when possible. it helps keep my internet usage down. many of those discs are just steam archives though...i still need to register the game on steam....which is grand.

if its not available at the shops though then usually steam.

#19 Posted by gameofthering (10133 posts) -

Steam & GoG

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#21 Posted by illmatic87 (15156 posts) -


Steam, GMG, Humble store (My new favourite), Independent online retailers, Online key vendors, direct from website and sometimes GoG.

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The majority have been retail even though they require Steam or some other client.

#23 Posted by R4gn4r0k (16297 posts) -


Steam, GMG, Humble store (My new favourite), Independent online retailers, Online key vendors, direct from website and sometimes GoG.

This. Everywhere. Any place that I can find it cheapest.

This can be on Steam (only on sale though, otherwise steam is quite expensive), Greenmangaming, Humble Bundle or local stores.

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Steam. I usually wait for the summer sale and go nuts. $50 can get you a lot of games if you do it right.

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#26 Posted by LustForSoul (5843 posts) -

Kinguin always has the best prices

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cdkeyprices.com, cheapshark, greenmangaming, humble store, steam.

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Aren't most pc games pirated? :-/

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Other: I go for the best deals. So all of the above, should be a possible choice?

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GreenManGaming most of the time, although I'll pick them up from ShopTo/Game/Amazon if the retail copy is considerably cheaper than I can get the download for (for example, I'm getting a boxed copy of Wolfenstein for £21).

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"PC gaming sucks because piracy", yet not a single person here said they pirate. If you pirate, you're actually just a huge scumbag. Having financial issues isn't an excuse to steal.

For me, it's Steam, GMG, and GOG. GOG is a godsend for old games.

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Usually on Steam.

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Steam, humble bundle. Love those sales man

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Steam, Amazon, Greenmangaming, Humble Bundle.