PS4 Next gen upgrade help

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So ive got this deal where i can get Assassins creed IV for $47 on ps3 which is an amazing price here in australia where most games are $80 and the thing is i remembered i can upgrade for $10 to next gen so thats $57 all up which is a great price however i prefer retail copies especially for a launch ps4 game so what should i do get the $57 with ps3 and next gen upgrade all up together or what im predicting to be about $78 maybe $68 for the retail ps4 copy. Im also buying 2 next gen systems and i can afford 3 games on each so im trying to save as much as i can.

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Buy a PC for the price of both consoles and get AC IV for half that price and live happily ever after

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If you're trying to save as much as you can, then buy it for the PS3 and do the $10 upgrade for the PS4.

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Get the PS3 version then upgrade to PS4 version for like $10.