Ps4 is already dated! (UE4: Ps4 vs GTX 680).

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[QUOTE="tormentos"][QUOTE="rjdofu"]How much is that gtx680 anyway :roll:Bebi_vegeta

The card alone from $459 to almost $600.. I am sure more expensive than a complete PS4 system.


im sure the 680gtx will drop in price when the ps4 is out.

Yeah it should drop $50-100 at least. If it doesn't then it will get phased out by the midranged 8000series cards or a GTX 760Ti (both of which will be alot cheaper)
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[QUOTE="killzowned24"]said it it other thread.less than 1 percent of steam users have a gtx680.

doesnt matter

Sure it does.. And it show that few people are wiling to spent $500 on a GPU alone,most have cheaper GPU..

nope, doesn't matter

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Everything becomes obsolete the day it's bought. That goes for every console, pre-built PC, laptop, tablet, and even graphics card.

Welcome to the world of technology. But really, there's nothing to discuss here.