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Hi you think it be worth buying the PS4 controller for PC?. I will be buying a PS4 at some point but not for at least a year and half after release so at least when I do get the PS4 I will then have 2 controllers. I no you can use it for PC but how compatible will it be? I no AC4 uses which im getting but what about other new and old games?.

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Nah, most games at the moment use the 360's pad. If you are getting a PS4 in the future, don't bother buying another controller useless you have people to play it with. The controller that comes with it will work.

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It'll have some compatibility but it will be a while before it works with more games. You can of course always use software to make it work with every game.

Like Clyde said, more games will be made to work with 360s pad so it'll depend on how much you mind seeing 360 buttons pop up in some games. Of course, this can also be fixed with mods.

I'll probably get a PS4 controller for PC myself as the 360s D-pad simply doesn't cut it. Even the 360 pad with improved D-pad is still pretty mediocre for fighting and 2D games.

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It should work fine with any game. The compatability that it currently has means it's a DX-input device.

The issue is that not all games wil have the proper prompts for the buttons. So some games will properly show say the square for the squre button, and they probably will have built in profiles for the PS4 gamepad, but others might only say "joypad button #3" and you'll have to configure the pad appropriately in the settings menu.

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Controllers, best on PC.

PC will get

1. Steam controller

2. PS4 controller

3. XBOXONE controller.

What system offers this?

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kind of a personal choice man. if you use it every day then yeah sure it was worth it.

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Pretty sure it works with all controller compatible titles. It's just the touchpad and sixaxis stuff that won't work. You can even use the PS4 controller with PS3s (don't know what happens to games with start and select though?).

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Well the thing is with my 360 Controller it don't like USB 3.0 port and after 5 mins it unplugs it self and turns off and don't have any USB 2.0. Thats why im looking for a new controller. I play FPS games with a mouse and key board but prefer controller when it comes to 3rd person.

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Now hermits get to experience the awesomeness of the PS4 controller.

You're welcome, hermits.

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but how am I supposed to assume the typing position over my tiny screen holding one of those?

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@thepantmachine said:

but how am I supposed to assume the typing position over my tiny screen holding one of those?


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I'm still waiting to hold one. If those triggers are still too close together, as all dual shocks have been designed, then I'm staying away. I've heard they got spread out a bit more though.

It looks more functional than an Xbone controller if you have a PC in your living room, touch pad and all, but now with the reveal of the Steam controller I think that one tops everything by a very wide margin.

To me it looks like this so far

Steam controller >>>>>>>>>>>>>> PS4 > Xbox One controller

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@MonsieurX: like a real PC gamer

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We can only speculate the extent of its support, but Yoshida confirmed the sticks and buttons will work natively. We'll see how that works out.

Wait until the PS4 releases and your Joe-Schmoes of the world release YouTube videos showing how it works and then make your decision.

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I like the 360 wired pad that I have now. Most PC games are mapped for it and dont have to mess around with adjusting controls, which is nice.

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I might pick up one, depending on how well it works. My 360 pad is from 2005 or 2006 and the d-pad and left analog stick are going bad.