PS4 back in stock at Amazon, beating TitanFall bundle

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So PS4 is only available a couple of hours ago, but it's already at no. 1, beating Titanfall bundle which never reached Top 5......

#2 Posted by GrenadeLauncher (6256 posts) -

Bu bu but 720p Twitch streaming!!! Xbox won!!!!!

#3 Posted by edwardecl (2239 posts) -

If this is true...

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*still giggles*

#5 Posted by MlauTheDaft (4536 posts) -

So uhm.. Does this mean the quad still dominates, when people can get their hands on it?

#6 Posted by Draign (926 posts) -

Im still waiting for Sony to get some good games out before I pull the trigger.

#7 Posted by OhSnapitz (18736 posts) -

...and still has a worse lineup than the XBO.

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@OhSnapitz said:

...and still has a worse lineup than the XBO.

Salty as FUCK.

XBO? What's that? Xtreme Body Odour?

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Heh. Its official. Not even TitanCod is interesting the pew pew bro pews this gen. PS4 has captured the hearts, minds of gamers. Gen is a wrap.

Xbone and PC reduced to shadows and dust.

The Domination has won.

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6 months and the gen is done. Once Uncharted,MGS5 and Driveclub are out then the gap will get wider.

Won't buy mine until xmas as i am not interested in any game on it yet.

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We don't need daily/weekly updates of who is ahead of who on amazon websites from around the world. I'm all for some sales threads but this is ridiculous.