PS3 Overclocking

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Overclocking means making your device take in more electricity in order to function beyond its shipping capablility.


If you were to OC the ps3 and unlock the cell I believe you'll be able to get 60fps+ and/or 1080p graphics.


You can overclock the xbox becuase it will red ring.


To start off next-gen Sony should release an overclock device to unlock the ps3 and to fully optimize the games.


Imagine Uncharted 3 in 1080p







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My PS3 already sounds like a jet engine. No thanks

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Dumb thread from dump OP. Didn't miss you.
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My 60GB PS3 would explode if I did that. The XBox 360 Slim can't Red Ring ever. No matter how much you could overclock it. Overclocking a game console would be a bad idea, as some games would literally crash in the middle of game play.
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RROD hasn't been an issue for what? Four years now?
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so much wrong in OP :lol:

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Oh my brain hurt reading the OP. So much wrong

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Try again.

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It does not matter if this is even possible, you can overclock as much as you want, but you won't change the way game is programed, only thing you would achive is maximized fps
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Why the f*ck would you overclock a console?
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water cool ps3 at 4ghz would still suck

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Oh this troll is back........... great....
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Who in their right mind would overclock a console?

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You mean after 7 years of terrible performance we could finally unleash the true power of teh cell?


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This is a completly irrelevant topic. Consoles can't be overclocked and no amount of speculation will change that. If you really want to overlock, get a PC.