PS+ hasn't offered a retail game for its first 1.5 year?

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@heretrix: If you have the money, go for it. It has some pretty cool games :)

Money's not really the problem, I own too many devices as it is. I gotta scale it back a bit.

I have 2 Gaming PCs, several laptops, a macbook pro and an Ipad.

Enough's enough.

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The psn+ service works across the psp/vita/ps3 and ps4 so for only 50 bucks you get games to play on all the platforms. GOG is just the 360 and it cost 10 bucks more with less quality and quantity than psn+.

No matter how you look at it psn+ destroys GOG. To try to reset psn+ is a lame attempt to cloud how bad GOG is. This does not even bring into account the paywall on the 360 for things like netflix for example. I get it I have a 360 and it has less features than my ps3 and less exclusives but if I want to play games online or use any apps MS has me by the balls I must pay for Gold.

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@heretrix said:

Money's not really the problem, I own too many devices as it is. I gotta scale it back a bit.

I have 2 Gaming PCs, several laptops, a macbook pro and an Ipad.

Enough's enough.

Like a wise forum poster once said: "Soo many games, soo little time!" hehe :P

I get, I have the same issue. Regardless of having the money for it, it's probably better to enjoy 2-3 platforms to almost their entirety instead of owning everything and not having time to enjoy each one very much.

Yeah, that's it in a nutshell. I'm a nut for gadgets but I really can't keep up with software for all of them and the sales make it even worse. I already have way too many games to play as it is. It's one of the reasons it's made me sit back and wait until everything shakes out with the current gen. It's "good" that the PS4/X1 era is starting out slow, right now my PS3 is just fine as far as consoles go. Lots of great games are available and there is no need to upgrade..Yet. between that and my PC(s), I'm pretty satisfied.

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PS+ is light years ahead of Games with Gold.

Do you get to keep playing those games if you stop you subscription.

Can you do anything at all if you stop your subscription?? I guess play single player games and surf the web

Except that you can't actually surf the web on the Xbox without a Gold subscription. IE is behind the paywall.

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Thread Title:

"PS+ hasn't offered a retail game for its first 1.5 year?"


TC, the thread title is not correct. The thread backfired and that could have been avoided had you done research before creating the thread. Batman AC and Bioshock Infinite were released this year on PS. I know this also because I have a "Retail" Folder on my PS3s for my PS+ offerings, separating them by Retail and DD/indie games (I even created a Pixeljunk Folder, TellTale Folder, and PSOne folder). The PS3 allows for folders making organizing a breeze.

The retail multiplat games I've gotten from Games for Gold like Hitman, Lara Croft, or the upcoming Saints Row 3, released on PS+ a year prior. I've noticed Games for Gold is still following the PS+ lead.

Finally, the real issue I have as an Xbone owner and a paid XBLG decade+ subscriber is there is no Games for Gold for Xbone, although the rival PS+ service which is $10 cheaper offers indie/DD games on the cheaper PS4. Both machines are about the same age so there is no excuse (Most common excuse created by fanboys is they need time to get prices down, etc). As I said last year, I expected by E3 2014 an official roll out announcement, which is sad if I was right months before the Xbone launched, but better than nothing.

In the end, the Xbox 360 came out in 2005 (Vs. PS3 2006) and had that extra year. They should be ahead in Games with Gold over PS+ having saved all that money not rolling out Games for Gold until last year. Comparing 2010 PS+ to 2013+ Games with Gold is even more peculiar. I'm a 2014 consumer NOW. What I get from my Xbone, 360, PS3, and PS4 affects me today and NOW. I can tell you NOW, Games with Gold 360 is very lackluster and not even on Xbone. That's my 2014 experience from Jan-May so far. The multiplats I did get on Games for Gold were PS+ freebies a year ago. They need to step it up, XBLG is more expensive than PS+, the Xbone is more expensive than the PS4, M$ is doing well financially, there is really no need to be so far behind. That's a pretty fair 2014 assessment.

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I think this thread kind of back fired.

no, there's just a lot of cow damage controling going on in here. the TC's point is clear n makes perfect sense.