Possible Shenmue teaser in new PS4 video!

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#51 Posted by Bigboi500 (29954 posts) -

I ain't gettin' ma hopes up unless it's official.

#52 Posted by DocSanchez (1607 posts) -

Okay haven't seen the video but Ryo seems to be a popular name in Japan. At least, I've seen so many japanese characters called Ryo over the years that it seems likely.

So if that's the case this would be like a Japanese forum discussing a western video and saying "oh this guy just put his name down as John S - they must be bringing out Mass Effect 4 soon!"

Not that I don't want this. I do. I want the HD remakes and the continuation of the saga. HD on Ps vita so I can play it on the go please.

#53 Posted by CTR360 (7084 posts) -

shenmue 3 its reason i buy ps4 i want see it next month on GDC

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didn't Sega just lose the rights to it in the US? so all in a short amount of time they lost the rights to it in the US and someone is making one? *rolls*

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@seanmcloughlin said:

... I've never actually played the games before. What are they actually about?

speaking as someone who finished the first. 87% quick time events for anything that happens. mostly walking around asking characters things queued by various clues you collect. hints at a detective or almost point and click thing. the performances in the animations and voice acting were frequently cringe worthy. the compression of the audio quality also got in the way of trying to immerse yourself in it; think of early 90's internet sound. the ending is also abrupt and upsettingly like a cliff hanger. cliffhangers are no fun in anything. if your going to tell me a story, do so, dont string me along, never resolving anything. it is a regrettable thing indeed that they have become so popular in modern tv, movies, and what not.

amidst that negativeness, i did play through it almost all at once, and finished it before i could spot the ending coming. you can also play space harrier in it. it is also almost a good idea, at its intentions. for being mostly qte it has plenty of people fooled and on its side, that is a statement in and of its own.

#56 Posted by gameofthering (10261 posts) -

^ A good wee trailer that is!

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I won't even care if it is multiplat. It went from Dreamcast to exclusive rights and then Xbox. I really think both X1 and PS4 should get the HD Collection or Digital treatment to re release 1 & 2 for more support.