PlanetSide vs Team Fortress

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Posted by FreedomFreeLife (2383 posts) 7 months, 4 days ago

Poll: PlanetSide vs Team Fortress (31 votes)

PlanetSide 23%
Team Fortress 71%

Killzone vs. Halo – Winner Halo( 27% vs 71%)

Battlefield vs Medal of Honor – Winner Battlefield (91% vs 9%)

MAG vs Resistance – Winner Resistance (44% vs 56%)

Counter-Strike vs Call of Duty – Winnter Counter-Strike (70% vs 30%)

Far Cry vs STALKER – Winner STALKER (28% vs 72%)

Left 4 Dead vs Borderlands 2 – Winner Left 4 Dead (65% vs 35%)

FEAR vs BioShock – Winner BioShock ( 45% vs 55%)

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six vs PayDay - Winner Rainbow Six (86% vs 14%)

Deus Ex vs Crysis – Winner Deus Ex ( 66% vs 34%)

Mirrors Edge vs Portal – Winner Mirrors Edge (60% vs 40%)

Both are free to play multiplayer games. Which free to play FPS is better?


Team Fortress

#1 Posted by MonsieurX (30016 posts) -

I'd love to be able to summon mods and stop this

#2 Posted by MBirdy88 (8057 posts) -

Team Fortress 2 by a landslide... Planetside 2 did not live up to its hype.... a boring mess where you get an epic moment once a day if your lucky.

TF2.... insane ammount of content even on release, traditional class system that actually feels like classes, not just friggin loudouts... so much content.

Fantastic gameplay.

Timeless art-style ... best MP characters so far.

My favourite shooter of last generation.... and probably this generation at this rate.

#3 Posted by SNIPER4321 (10143 posts) -

Team fortress 2 is best MP game ever. now even Im sick of it...

#4 Posted by nyzma23 (924 posts) -

team fortress 2 and planetside 2 is freemium just like dcuo cause they sell montly membership

#5 Posted by Link3301 (1691 posts) -
#6 Posted by Link3301 (1691 posts) -

TF2 for sure. Has awesome visuals even today, tons of content, one of the most balanced free to play models, a great modding community, etc.

#7 Posted by paraskhos_basic (1243 posts) -

TF2 hands down

#8 Posted by Wasdie (49754 posts) -

Sounds like people haven't played Planetside 2 for awhile given the amount of hate it has. The game has improved dramatically since launch.

#9 Posted by lostrib (35889 posts) -

Just stop with this crap. Your Mirrors Edge vs Portal thread isn't even a day old and only has 8 votes, yet you already declared a winner. WTF

#10 Posted by Jankarcop (9290 posts) -

why is deus ex in this match up

#11 Edited by naz99 (1308 posts) -

They both have guns,they are both FPS that is as far as the comparisons go....Other than that you can't really compare them

#12 Posted by blangenakker (2298 posts) -

I love Planetside 2 but I loved TF2 more. But "Loved" TF2 because now the game is just has lost all sense of competitiveness and fun.

#13 Posted by Ackad (3182 posts) -

I'd love to be able to summon mods and stop this

It's pretty obvious what the TC is trying to initiate. Mods really have to do something about this.

#14 Posted by stationplay_4 (443 posts) -

kinect sports rivals.

#15 Posted by nutcrackr (12531 posts) -

One is fun, the other is planetside

#16 Posted by jg4xchamp (47911 posts) -

Team Fortress

Planetside is the videogame equivalent of a participation award

#17 Posted by superclocked (5823 posts) -

Team Fortress >>> Planetpay2win