PETA loses the plot (again) and tries to sue Nintendo

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If this even goes to court, I hope Nintendo can counter sue or something to get money lost of this stupid bull shit.

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PETA trying to stay relevant.

Not much else.

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this is a joke right?

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This is too damn funny to be true.

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I feel sorry for her family because her ignorance led to divorce and hatred.

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Clyde, that's a satirical site, of course it's a joke people.

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@Blabadon: I thought the reason for divorce was suspicious, but people file for divorce because of many reasons that are really worth it. That is why I took the bait. Blame 21st century American society as a whole, but not me as an individual.

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That's a joke site. But as for PETA....

I'm going to KFC for lunch, then maybe pick up some filet mignons for dinner. That's how much I give a damn about what they think.

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Good heavens, what a terrible organization.

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Oh, haha. p4rgaming.

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It was a nice read though they went a bit too over the top :P I mean, the first phrase of the third paragraph gives it all away right there lol Shame they didn't try to make it sound more real, because those are the ones that are really great hehe

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lol joke site. But PETA is hilarious

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@superclocked said:

PETA kills almost every animal that they claim to help. They're a bunch of money grubbing hypocrites. If you think that they want anything other than your money, then you haven't done your research...

The problem with PETA is that they believe that an animal is better dead than suffering and since the poor cats and dogs can't talk then they can't express their sentiment about it. And another thing is that this organization makes millions of dollars on donations alone, so they are never gonna stop since they will always have the support to continue. And this donations come from everywhere: poor dumb people, rich dumb people, famous and rich people as a PR stunt or to evade some taxes and even the government itself.

But as always, they are one of those necessary evils unless you want your house, town or city to be overpopulated with strays animals everywhere.This would bring many diseases too.

There's no hypocrisy here, just different points of view.

On the other hand, I believe they have a strong case with Pokemon. It wasn't until I watched the recent Red vs Green 3-4 ep Ovas that I realized how scary the world of Pokemon really is, and how much sugar coating Nintendo does on the main series to cover the violence and other darker themes that comes organically with the premise of this franchise. This case will depend on how PETA could prove that the message of this franchise affects children and their conduct toward animals.

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I hate Nintendo AND I hate animals. I'm tough and I'm on the internet.

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@Blabadon: Isnt PETA known for abusing and killing their animals?

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@lostrib said:

this is a joke right?

It has to be, noone that stupid would/should be allowed to procreate.

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Stop giving that terrorist organization attention.

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I honestly believed it. Right up until the bit at the end where the husband apparently told the wife to fuck off because he saw a shiny.

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PETA trying to stay relevant.

Not much else.

Exactly they go after any buzz worthy trend. PETA is PATHETIC.

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I expected better out of you, clyde.

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Read that thing, it's obviously super fake. nothing to see here guys.

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Too much nonsense to be real.

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PETA is nothing more than a bunch of clueless morons. They always go WAY overboard and in turn always end up doing more harm than good for their cause.

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PETA are such a laughing stock. It's shocking that they haven't noticed.

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Can we put this satirical site in the sticky right next to VGcharts?

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Sources also say that Bryant recently filed for divorce after catching her husband hiding in the bathroom on the toilet playing the game. He apparently told her to “fuck off” as he was about to catch a Shiny Mr. Mime.