PC and Consoles on an even playing field?

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Dem' opinions

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Showing head to heads on pc vs 8 year old hardware.

Dat irrelevance.

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Way to throw a minefield out there and watch the body parts soar, hahahahahaha.

There is so much arguing about, essentially, "The games that I like are better than yours". That has so little ground. Nobody cares about your favorite games. It's also disappointing to see that "console casuals" get bashed for trudging out the cliches that the PC is really a bunch of moba's/rts/overrated indie games, when abundances of those genres are exactly the advantages the PC squads advertise in the first place. And then turn around and claim consoles are full of expensive movie-games. On top of that, there is no platform more casually orientated than the PC. That is why the ceiling has been set so low on the PC, free games (that actually cost thousands of dollars) have become so ubiquitous and all-consuming that they set the tone for the entire platform.

The only way anyone buys games in on steam sales. Standards for 3rd party multi-platform games is so pathetically low that anytime a game comes along for the PC that is actually somewhat optimized or has more than 2 graphics options, it's considered a massive victory for PC gaming and consoles should tear their clothes in shame and misery. While we pat ourselves on the back and reward that success by getting the game for 7.50 on that Christmas steam sale. I know that's how I do it, year after year.

When I decided to get a PS4, it all came down to comparison. I made a list of all known upcoming games I could play only on the PS4, and there were a handful of exciting games. Then I made a list of upcoming PC exclusive games that were compelling enough to convince to make another gaming PC to replace my increasingly ancient rig. That list had exactly zero games.

Any self-respecting PC "enthusiast" will then immediately discredit my opinion, because clearly I didn't think hard enough or I have bad taste in games or I am some kind of idiot for not appreciating the finer games in life that are only on the PC (or always better on the PC). These arguments are so old and tired they are almost as old as PC gaming itself.

Ultimately, different platforms are suited for different people. Different games are suited for different people. Different people, are different from different people. One platform does not make everyone happy. Different platforms are better at doing different things, whether or not multiplats are better on PC varies dramatically from game to game, and is always contingent on what kind of PC you have at what time. At least the console is a constant, I appreciate that and believe in its value, and so do many, many other people. But that doesn't even matter because those other people aren't what make games fun. At a certain point you just have to grow a pair and let yourself enjoy something, fully and genuinely and without the permission of random people you don't even know. That can have many strange connotations, but I am strictly talking about video games here, people.