Outcast HD reboot (possibly) incoming

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So the original team behind Outcast, awesome 1999 PC action adventure got back together, obtained franchise rights from Atari and they're making an HD reboot. Sort of. They started a Kickstarter campaign and asking whole lot of money in order to fund the project: $600k.

They don't have much to showoff currently, except this video

And these two comparison screenshots

What's your take? Do you want it? Do you think they'll manage to fund the project?

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Outcast was a ground-breaking game for its time. I'd even risk saying that it was the Uncharted of 1999 but set in an alternative reality in the future, and of course it was more inventive.

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@IgGy621985 Are you really Kevin Smith?

You got me! Great on-topic post btw!

Sorry for leading off topic but I have never played Outcast. I though just for a second you could be him.

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I saw a lot of game Kickstarters fail recently. But this one looks very interesting, so I hope it reaches its goal.

It would also give me the chance to play Outlast, because I never did.