Oscar Winner to collaborate with Remedy on Quantum Break

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Sorry for lousy formatting - I'm typing it on my phone. The news itself is courtesy of Joystiq:

" The developers of Alan Wake and the upcoming Quantum Break now have an Oscar in their midst, further raising their new game's profile in Microsoft's big multimedia push on Xbox One.

The third-person shooter, in which unforeseen anomalies fling bits of the world forward in time, will have a companion television show and visual effects work from some of the recognized talent behind Alfonso Cuarón's boundless space film, Gravity.

In a note on the official Remedy Games website, the staff congratulates Greg Louden for his work at London-based effects studio Framestore, which won an Academy Award last week for Best Visual Effects. According to Louden's resume, he oversaw shots of Gravity's computer-generated interiors, with a focus on the free-floating objects that surrounded Sandra Bullock's stranded character. The film was entirely pre-visualized and extensively animated, making it an even greater achievement in visual effects than it might first appear.

Gravity was also given gongs for its director, cinematography, editing, musical score, sound mixing, sound editing.

At Remedy, Louden is working not only on visual effects for Quantum Break, but on scripting and designing events as part of level design. The environment for visual effects is arguably more challenging in games, which are expected to display high-quality graphics in real-time and in a way that responds well to the player. And even with top-notch effects, the approval of players may still be harder to earn than an Academy Award."

Very interesting and the guy's role seems pretty major so it's a big coup for Remedy. I just hope this game will be to video games industry what The Matrix was to movies in 1999.

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good job with the phone editing pal

definintely getting this game, i am fascinated by the concept of "time" and relativity. I've recently been reading about quantum mechanics too. fascinating stuff.

anyway, this will be a day one for me., those guys know how to tell a good story and time mechanic could be a sweet feature....yes please..

only one worry, the article made me think it could still be a ways off.

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Title is misleading

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I thought Xbox gamers hated movies? whats going on?

make up your mind damit!

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but......I just want a video game :(

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@finalstar2007: Are you confused or making things difficult to understand ?

Make up your mind ?

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Sounds amazing, really love Remedy.

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How come stupid Amazon sales thread generate more interest than this?

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YAY ! More Cutscenes ! Also I loved Gravity. Gona watch it again next weekend !

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How come stupid Amazon sales thread generate more interest than this?

this board has more sony fanboys than any other group...

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But is it open world with Day/Night cycles?

lol, movie game

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XBONER didn't learn with Ryse 4.5 that movie games are no longer liked? Only ND can make decent movie-games that I just watch on youtube or rent.

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Quantum Break looks cool. I really hope it ends up being good.

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Pretty stoked for this game. Remedy hasn't let me down yet.

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I thought Xbox gamers hated movies? whats going on?

make up your mind damit!

I thought Mass Effect wasn't your type of game when it was only on 360/PC???

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@RR360DD said:

Sounds amazing, really love Remedy.

Remedy are one of my favourite studios, Quantum Break will be amazing.

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there is a reason why the intersection of games and movies has failed terribly more than once.

The film industry doesn't understand game theory and why people play instead of reading a book and gaming trying to be more like films.

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It could work if they make sure to keep them isolated, making sure the the tv show doesn't bump into the gameplay by accident and cause a Sony Sized fustercluck.

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Won't even come close to what Sony produces.

*Looks at Breaking Bad*